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Good morning Lizbaby. Have you got the coffee on, cos I'm up an hour early, set the alarm wrong!
Good morning Lizbaby. I see you haven't had the decorators in yet, either. I'll come back when you've got more time. See you then.
Hey Liz,how are ya? stepin up in the world!A place to come without the husband and kids!

Congrat's Liz! For a beginning to a fun page :)
Thanks for the look...
Just stopped by to say hello x
Hi Liz! Was hoping to see you and your babies four, but I think I came while you were away. Dropping off an apple cinnamon beavertail pastry for you, but hide it from the 'babies 4' and enjoy!
Hi, Liz!
Thought I'd drop off some Hawaiian BBQ from one of my favorite fast food joints in Irvine for you and your family to enjoy!

(hard to compete w/Greg's Canadian pastries!)
Hi Liz. It is nice to visit you. How about a nice cup of tea to go with these wonderfully delicious brownies I brought you?
Hi Liz, was driving past and saw your lights on and popped in for a quick cuppa and chat. Its been a nice visit and I must keep going. So many places to visit here in Sudoku Land. If your ever down under please drop in and say g'day.
i am just wondering why you hate animal pictures so much?
I didn't know everyone would be stopping over while I was out!!! I am a tea drinker, so I will keep a pot of water on for all of you. All these goodies will make me fat!

For what it's worth, I don't hate animals. I just get tired of seeing the same ones all the time. I suppose it's the same as some people getting tired of looking at baby pictures. Now deer I am not fond of; they are a major health hazard here in New Jersey, and we are overrun with them. In my opinion, you can't shoot them fast enough!
Hello Lizbaby, I love your photo of your children, but I hope you don't dress them like that all the time. Ha! Ha!
Thanks for the cuppa, and don't forget to visit me when you've got time.
Good costumes, Lizbaby - I bet the kids had a great time. Do they all have big Santa lists ready for Christmas? and a to top up your supplies.
I thought I'd stepped into a film stage for a moment, wonderful photo, leaving you some hand made chocolates now that you have settled in x
hello Liz, just got off Bert's noisy plane to say hello! Ah, kettle on for a cuppa?? thank you!
Hi Liz! Nice to see the 'babies 4' although they're all in disguise. Cute photo! Must be hectic around your place with Christmas coming up and this bunch to keep entertained. So you like deers do you? Check out my Flickr photos as there are deers, a moose, a few bears and some other shots.
I will have to update the page with a Christmas pocture...if I can get all of them to sit still long enough!
Wishing a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year x
Concerning your comment about todays picture, if I remember correctly there was a resturant in Mountain Lakes, NJ called Neils New Yorker. Is it still there? It's been a long time since I was there. It maight be closed. I can't remember what road it was on.
A Merry Christmas Lizbaby and Family
and a Happy & Healthy New Year
What a great photo, Lizbaby. It should be a fun Christmas for you when you can celebrate it with kids. Have a very happy and a
Hi Liz. Love your picture. No disguises this time. I have posted my Christmas greeting to everyone on my page, as I couldn't post the picture in the general comments section. Best wishes to you and yours!
Beautiful children, Liz! Those smiles light up the room! What a joyous Christmas it will be for all of you!
Liz you should be very proud, four beautiful children xx

Great picture! I remember the days when our four sons were children -- pandemonium! Well, not really. It was a lot of fun, but certainly those days were hectic and tiring. We lived in River Vale, NJ, for some of those young years. Happy Christmas!
Joanne, I am pretty sure Neil's New Yorker is gone, has been for a while. I think it was on Rt. 46 in Parsippany or Mountain Lakes. If I am correct, I think it is now the Zeris Inn.
Liz: One of your boys wants a front tooth for Christmas! Easy to place his age as around 6 or 7. With three boys you have your hands full, but I bet Christmas is fun!
It's been a very long time since I was in that area. Thank you for responding.

Have a great Christmas.
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year ... bet the kids are all excited.
Hi Lizbaby4, Your four are no longer babies, but they sure are a great looking , smiling group of kids who look like Christmas can't come soon enough. Hope this is a Christmas to remember and a healthy, happy new year for you and yours. Please drop by my place and pick up gifts for you and family.
'All I want for Xmas is my two front teeth' Well only one, but then it wouldnt ryme!!! Enjoy your Xmas with this wonderful brood, they grow up all too soon!! (Melancholy sigh!!) Our first Xmas without all our kids at home this year, bit they have to grow up!!
I'm dropping off some chocolate covered Macademia nuts to for you to share. Enjoy!!
Hi Liz. I'm sure that you will have your hands full with hubby and 'babies four', but 2007 is around the corner. A whole new year coming up, and so much will happen during this coming year. I do hope that you and yours enjoy peace, happiness, good times, (chocolate for those of you who indulge), More...
Happy New Year, Liz. The children are adorable! I hope this year brings all the best to you and yours. Cheers!
Liz - I can recommend a good orthodonist for your kids !!!
Tony, I think the monthy visits to an orthodontist in your area would get to be a bit expensive! My dental plan will conver braces 100%, but the orthodontist said we have to wait until more adult teeth are in. Poor kids get their teeth from my husband's side of the family. NO ONE in my family ever needed braces.
Hi Liz. Just popped in to see how 2007 is treating you and your clan. Forget the orthodondist. Wait until you have to pay for all for sports gear when they get involved in other activities, and just think of all the driving to get them from one activity to another. Oh, sorry, I did say I hope you're having a good start to the year!
Hey Liz. You need a little push to get this page off and running. Here goes.... Push...Shove...Push (darn this is hard)....
Ive brought a friend to help ..... together now, P-U-S-H!!
Maybe if the babies 4 can help please. Alright kids, one big PUSH! GO!!!!!
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