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Welcome Sudokuland friends!

Thanks for stopping by...glad to have you here. Laughing


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Vici, Hope you enjoy your own page here in Sudokuland. Leaving some chocolate chip cookies on the table.
07/Jul/08 12:14 AM

to our land of sudoku.

we all are addicts to sudoku and then we are all here together to share our happiness and sorrow.
nice to have you here. let's meet in the chatroom one day
07/Jul/08 12:23 AM
Vici to sudokuland.
Good to see you on the ball and jumping right in and posting. That is the way to get to know us and make the most of the site.
Must confess I am super impressed to see that you have photos up already!! It took me months before I was that organised. ENJOY.
07/Jul/08 12:53 PM
Vici, I have cut and pasted this explanation of maen.
The Meaning of Maen
An abbreviation which means

* Good Morning
* Good Afternoon
* Good Evening
* Good Night

Often one letter is capitalised to indicate the timezone of the sender.

Eg: mAen, More...
07/Jul/08 11:15 PM
BTW The small pics by our names are called avatars. There is a page in the 'Forums' section called MEMBERS SPECIAL FEATURES – HELP AND INFORMATION that contains a lot of guidelines to help with page set-ups. Hope this is of some help to you because I am no help at all, I need my 14yo to help me!
07/Jul/08 11:23 PM
Vici, good to see you posting on 'easy'.
08/Jul/08 3:39 PM
Vici, I'm up in the coast range, in the Redwoods, and offer you a Redwood burl as my page warming present. Up until now, we've typically been in the 80s in the summer, which is tolerable, with a few days hotter than that. We're expected to be over 100 for 5 days straight, starting yesterday. Very unusual. I'm hoping global warming isn't going to make it more common.
09/Jul/08 6:40 AM
I'm actually 15 miles from the coast at 1300' elevation up in the coast range mountains ... well, you wouldn't call them mountains, being in the Sierras. Having grown up in Los Gatos, I've visited Monterey many times. Lovely area.
09/Jul/08 2:51 PM
G'day Vici, glad you stopped by and called in to my gallery. Your into your summer we our winter. Your more than welcome to stroll along my beaches or dip your toes into the cool waters.
09/Jul/08 8:34 PM
your neice did a great wonder shewas in nationals! greetings from the coastal area.
10/Jul/08 1:15 AM
We now have a 2nd pup... same type (weimaraner) but she's a blue.
i enjoy those dance shows as well. i used to folk dance and really miss it. my kids have gotten into swing dance. their whole homeschool group has dances every month. it's been fun to watch.
how did your neice do at the competition?
10/Jul/08 1:54 AM
Hello Vici - I see I haven't officially welcomed you! Here is a great big warm to your own page here in Sudokuland! It is great to have you with us!!!!!

Yes, sometimes we do get a lot of snow. We had over 80 inches this past winter. The winters for the past 10 More...
10/Jul/08 5:57 AM
That's great that Haley has done so well.

I wish my husband would enjoy is alot of fun. He knows how, just doesn't enjoy it much.

"Dancing with the Stars" is fun to watch. we watched it last year. Our whole family rooted on the different contestants.

10/Jul/08 7:15 AM
Hi Vici, thanks for stopping by my page and saying hello. It is great to meet you. I am, indeed, from Pioneer, CA -- and I've been to Grass Valley several times. Welcome to being an "official" Sudoku member.
10/Jul/08 10:10 AM
Morning Vici. We're really smoky and hot here, too; visibility down to less than a mile with smoke hanging heavy in the air. What agency did you and your husband work for? My husband is retired CDF (now Cal Fire).
11/Jul/08 12:50 AM
Vici, just dropping by with a belated welcome wish and to let you know that I'm hoping you're safe and will be breathing smoke-free air soon! I'll do a rain dance and hope that Mother Nature cooperates. My three cats are the dearest boys and provide us with unconditional love and non-stop More...
11/Jul/08 2:01 AM
Vici and Welcome to Sudokuland and your own page. Thank you so much for dropping in over to my page and your wonderful comments. Your niece is just beautiful and amazing, love her contempory piece. My youngest daughter also does ballet, and More...
12/Jul/08 4:26 PM

to you also Vici

for my

I have alot to learn with all the new stuff.
12/Jul/08 5:51 PM
Vici - glad you discovered some of the OTHER wonders of this site! The people here are wonderful. I look forward to "seeing" you around now.
13/Jul/08 1:18 AM
Vici, it was good to hear from you again today! I'm so glad things are clearing out/cooling off in the Sierra. We're in Marin right now, babysitting our two little grandchildren while their parents are on a short holiday. It is lovely -- cool and foggy today. Our heat stressed bodies are More...
13/Jul/08 8:01 AM
Hi Vici
Thanks for dropping by...

That sure is a scary kitty. I have not tried to turn a photo into an avatar yet (I still have dial up so don't venture into some areas). I am using drawings commissioned from my youngest daughter and am trying to remember to ask her for a flower ...

13/Jul/08 8:56 AM
Hi, Vici, and thanks for the birthday greetings. You're totally right about July babies, of course! I've had a marvelous day and have plans for tomorrow and even a lunch on Monday. Lucky, lucky me! Hugs back to you!
13/Jul/08 3:14 PM
Hi Vici, just received your message.
If you head on over to the Forum pages, under the Sub heading Questions About This Site, you should see a page titled Members Special Features, Help and Information Page. In there you will find instructions on how to make your avatars. Most of us all use More...
13/Jul/08 4:10 PM
Hey Vici, please consider signing up as a SM, not only because of the few perks we get, but its a great way to say Thanks to Gath for this wonderful site. He does a wonderful job in maintaining it, and as you have already stated, we have met some wonderful people here.

Anyway, have fun and will chat later.
13/Jul/08 11:37 PM
Vici and a double to becoming a SM. You go girl, there is no stopping you now!
Love your smilies
14/Jul/08 12:42 PM
Hey Vici, I just remembered, it looks like you are making all your smilies the same size as your avatars, which is great. I just thought you may want to know that you can actually make them 100x100, go over to where you submit your personal smilies, and have a read of what Gath has said about the sizing.
Looking forward to seeing what else you have up your sleeve. LOL.
14/Jul/08 7:42 PM
Hey Vici, yep, Gath does have his own page, just look him up under members, or just click on his name that is blue anywhere on one of the forum pages and it will take you there. Also in the forum pages there is a Guess the date of Kym's baby competition, going at the moment, have a guess, you win free SM membership for 6 months. Kym is Gaths lovely wife.
14/Jul/08 11:10 PM
Vici, a fellow Cancer baby,
May you have the best birthday ever.
15/Jul/08 12:12 AM
anyone home??
I have a delivery for Vici

Vici, hope your day is fantastic, and filled with all that you wish for (including smilies) and much much more.
15/Jul/08 12:20 AM

15/Jul/08 12:46 AM
Here comes the cake!
I just had a look at your photos.

Enjoy your day!
15/Jul/08 1:42 AM
Hello Vici!!!! to you!!!! I hope you have a wonderful day! May it be filled with love, joy, laughter, friends, family and many surprises!
15/Jul/08 2:02 AM
Thank you, so much, for the piece of birthday cake. I will enjoy every bite! BTW that is a great picture of your niece. Oh, to be that limber!!!
15/Jul/08 2:21 AM
Vici, yuur niece's dance is graceful, strong, elegant and beautiful all at the same time! You are right, she is very flexible and talented. My daughters have danced all their lives, but do not compete. My niece is going to school for dance and her sister teaches part time at one of the local More...
15/Jul/08 2:36 AM
Oops, just saw that it is your birthday too, have a wonderful day Vici surrounded by the people that you love (in person or spirit) doing those things that put a smile on your face and joy to your heart and may that feeling last you well into your new year!
15/Jul/08 2:37 AM
Happy Birthday to you, Vici! I loved looking at your gallery, too. We have similar tastes I think! Your pond looks beautiful, and those flower pictures are definitely fair-worthy!! Enjoy your special day. Thanks so much for your lovely words of encouragement concerning my photos!
15/Jul/08 2:41 AM
MMMM...thanks for the cake, it was yummy!
15/Jul/08 4:22 AM
Vici, that precious little imp is my grandson, Bergen. He turns one on Friday!
15/Jul/08 4:35 AM
Well Vici, my first visit to your page! Welcome! I'll leave you my traditional page warmimg gift, a double chocolate fudge beavertail pastry from Ottawa. Enjoy!
15/Jul/08 5:10 AM
And of course, Happy (two-day site) Birthday! I hope you have a fun day filled with family, friends and good wishes! Cheers!
15/Jul/08 5:11 AM
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