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Gday Elmer, to Sudokuland. We haven't met before but I saw you post on easy so I thought I'd drop in to your page. Nice place you have here. Love the photos. I live near a town called Clematis! Who is that standing in front of Mt. Rushmore?
I've brought you a bottle of Aussie More...
13/Aug/07 9:10 PM
to your page and this site! Hope you enjoy visiting all of the places here. I've always wanted to see Mt Rushmore! Here are some flowers to help decorate your place! Have a great day! Visit my page anytime! If you ever want to chat, you can visit the SA3 page (under Forum). People pop in and out of there at all times. Take care.
16/Aug/07 1:00 AM
Hi Elmer! Welcome to your own special space in the land of Sudoku. I'll leave you mt traditional double chocolate fudge beavertail pasry as a page warming gift, and a pint of lager to wash it dowm. More...
16/Aug/07 7:10 AM
Hi Elmer, to your page here in Sudokuland. I have about 5 different colors of Clematis, one is close to the color you have. I have left you some flowers for your table. Enjoy your page.
18/Aug/07 3:36 AM
Hi Elmer, I think you left me a message. I am on a laptop at the moment and had a malfunction. PLS send the message again. Sorry
18/Aug/07 8:30 AM
Hi Elmer, I have updated my photos with the pictures of Clematis I have pictures of minus the white one. I have not had a yellow one, not sure I have even seen one in yellow. Sure sounds pretty something to look for next spring. What other flowers do you have?
18/Aug/07 1:08 PM
to the Sudoku family, Elmer! Visiting different pages on this site is like traveling around the world I love your full moon picture. It seems we have another talented photographer among us Stop by my place anytime, door's always open!
20/Aug/07 3:29 AM
Hi Elmer, Welcome to your space. Sorry I didn't stop by earlier but haven't had been around the site much lately, busy at work, getting kids off to college, etc... I leave you with a bottle of our "Kinda Snockered Winery" White Zin, enjoy. What part of Iowa? I am originally from Marshalltown. Cheers
01/Sep/07 7:29 AM
Elmer, just stopping by to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.
22/Nov/07 1:00 PM
Wishing you and your family a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving! Hope your day reminds you of all of the wonderful things we have for which to be thankful!
23/Nov/07 4:05 AM
Hope your day is all that you wish for and much, much more.
16/May/08 12:12 AM
Happy Birthday Elmer.
16/May/08 12:25 AM
Have a wonderful day. enjoy life.
16/May/08 12:38 AM


All my best wishes to you and have a very nice time.
16/May/08 12:50 AM
Elmer, I hope you are enjoying a wonderful birthday celebration with family and friends who are dear to you - that is after all the best gift! My best wishes that today is the start of a great year for you.

Take care,
Aimee :-)
16/May/08 1:01 AM
HELLO, Elmer!
Looks like I have never visited you before!
Hope your day is filled with happy surprises!
16/May/08 3:11 AM
Hi Elmer I hope you have a wonderful day and a great year to follow. I'm leaving some pancakes and maple syrup for your breakfast and hope you enjoy. Now go and flow out your candles
16/May/08 3:56 AM
Hi Elmer, and happy birthday! How is everything going in Iowa? Hope you have a wonderful birthday filled with family, friends and fun! Cheers!
16/May/08 4:07 AM
Elmer, May you have the best Birthday ever.
16/May/08 4:20 AM
Hello Elmer - I see I never officially you! I was gone for a month last August and I am sorry I missed you!

to you! I hope your day is filled with love, joy, laughter and many surprises!!!
16/May/08 6:32 AM
I've brought and for the celebration!
Enjoy your day!
16/May/08 7:39 AM
Wishing you a very merry I'm near Chicago and sending you best wishes down the Mississippi, Mary
16/May/08 8:10 AM
Elmer! Hope you have a great day!
16/May/08 9:32 AM
from one birthday person to another

... ELMER ...

16/May/08 10:08 AM
Elmer. i hope you have a wonderful day & the year keeps getting better & better!
16/May/08 10:15 AM
Elmer, hope you are enjoying you birthday. Great fun celebrating with all you sudoku friends.
16/May/08 10:18 AM
Hi Elmer...I haven't visited before and your birthday isn't a bad time to rectify that....
Hope you have a very along with laughter, good friends, sudoku .... don't forget the presents. Enjoy.
16/May/08 10:28 AM
p.s. beautiful clematis...do you know its name?
16/May/08 10:30 AM
Elmer, a very to you.
I have brought along a bottle of Aussie bubbly and a Choc Mud to help with the celebrations.
Have a truly wongerful day.
16/May/08 10:46 AM

Enjoy your special day.
16/May/08 10:59 AM

May all your birthday wishes come true.
16/May/08 1:47 PM

to you
to you
dear Elmer
to you

Have a greaaaat day!

16/May/08 5:14 PM
I hope your birthday has been a great one! I brought you a cake to celebrate.
16/May/08 9:15 PM
Elmer, hope you have a great day and an even better year
16/May/08 10:22 PM
Elmer! Wishing you a wonderful day!
16/May/08 10:47 PM
Happy Birthday Elmer, have a great day
16/May/08 11:53 PM
Elmer, there is a magnificent photo on today's jigsaw of 'Sunset on Canada fishing trip' from Elmer. Is it yours?
It is a truly magnificent photo.
06/Sep/08 8:27 PM
Hope your special day is filled with happy surprises!
...So YOU are the photographer of the "moon over the water at night"!
16/May/09 12:16 AM
Happy birthday Elmer, have a great day celebrating with friends and family. Take care x
16/May/09 1:56 AM
Hello Elmer - to you! May all of your Birthday wishes come true!
16/May/09 2:00 AM
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