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Welcome To Alabama


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The United States Marine Band


VULCAN, the world's Largest Cast Iron Statue, stands atop Red Mountain, overlooking Downtown Birmingham (shown) and the over the mountain area of Homewood. Vulcan was recently taken down for an extensive refurbishing, and when replaced he was rotated slightly on his pedestal so that he no longer mooned Homewood. Vulcan is the Roman god of the forge, a fitting symbol of Birmingham's past iron and steel industry. He has stood watch over Birmingham for 100+ years.

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Welcome Miz Tricia, I will leave you with a bottle of our 'Kinda Snockered' wine, hope you like a nice peach chardonnay!
01/May/07 2:11 AM
Welcome to my page. Looks like Linda got here before I figured out how to get here myself I have left a big basket of Alabama peaches, help yourself, and know how special you are. this year's crop will be reduced by more than half, a late freeze. They should go well with the peach chardonnay!
01/May/07 2:19 AM
Hi, MizTricia! Welcome as a new member! I'll be leaving some famous Frango Mints. (Unfortunately, they don't have peach flavored.) But, I'm sure glad I stopped in. I'll just enjoy some of Linda's peach chardonnay and your Alabama peaches - my very most favorite fruit. Thanks! Enjoy your day!
01/May/07 5:09 AM
a little trigger happy finger here. But just join in, we 're noisy but harmless! Some Belgium chocolates and a bottle of wine to enjoy your day!
01/May/07 12:09 PM
Glad you enjoyed S and G. Dropping in with a double chocolate fudge chocolate beavertail pastry for you to munch on. Hope you enjoy it.
02/May/07 7:26 AM
Hi MizTricia,
Just want to wish you welcome.
I have left you a nice bouquet of Iris on the table.
02/May/07 8:37 AM
Hello MizTicia
Just a quick flying visit while I work my way around all the new Members Rooms. Wonderful to see you have had guest already so I'll drop of this to help you celebrate.
02/May/07 10:22 AM
Hi MizTricia, re your soccer question: each state has their own tournament for each age group to determine who is the best in the state for that age group. ODP teams, Olympic Development Program, consist of some of the best players for their area. They are like the premier team my son plays on. More...
05/May/07 11:18 PM
hi MizTricia
How lovely to see you have joined the mad sudoku family. thought i'd leave a good bottle of australian red wine and a pavlova for your and your guests - enjoy!
06/May/07 8:43 AM
M i z T r i c i a
Congratulation to have your own page.I am too pleased to visit your page today to wish you and offer you this beautiful cake hope you enjoy it.

M i z T r i c i a

to my 'Egyptian Guest House' to enjoy a new picture from Egypt every week.
and have a nice day.
06/May/07 9:19 PM
Hi MizTricia - I heard your have peaches so I came by for a taste! (I love peaches....) I use to always ask my mom for a peach pie instead of Birthday cake! I have been through Alabama several times in the past 5 years. I take that route to go to Florida. I think Alabama is a beautiful state and I really enjoy the ride. Thanks for the peach! to Sudokuland.!
07/May/07 8:28 AM
MizTricia -- I'd like to add my greetings as well. What part of Alabama are you in? I envy you, I would give anything to move back to Alabama even though we only lived there 3 yrs. (in Opelika).
I come bearing key lime cookies and some SC pecans, enjoy. Glad to meet you.
11/May/07 5:40 AM
Hello MizTricia........
just catching up on the comments on the Competition.
You want a new Kitchen, my husband is a Cabinet Maker, he could make you a new kitchen. I'll just come for the ride !!
11/May/07 9:11 AM
ROLA, sounds great, come on up! Now it might help if you tell your hubby that the kitchen will be in a geodesic dome, so my counter tops have a 36 degree angle in them! And no top cabinets on the outside wall. But if he is still game, Ya'll come!

Thank you Cyndi, for the pecans, that is More...
11/May/07 10:03 AM
Hi MizTricia, just coming by everyones pages to say hi now the competition is over. I would love a couple of peaches if I may. Unfortunatly it is almost winter here so not much fruit, but I will leave you a box of my favourite chocies, Lindor Balls), and a bottle of good Aussie Sparking Wine. Cheers, and see you in the SA members room.
12/May/07 4:22 PM
Hi MizTricia, I am heading to Birmingham in June. My husband does work in Cullman. We are then travelling to Nashville, New York and not sure where! It is my first visit to USA and I'm looking forward to it.
12/May/07 7:34 PM
ANDREA, would love to meet for lunch in June, Birmingham is doable for me. Can we get in contact somehow? I LOVE meeting up with cyber friends, espically Aussie ones when they are in the states. Maybe I could suggest some places of interest for you in the area.

Thanks for visiting my page.
12/May/07 11:27 PM
Miz Tricia
Thank yiou for your remark ,infact this is my first time to go to competetion paqge and I realy recognise that afer posting .So I congratulate Stella the winner of the Day.
Thank you very much,and have a nice Day.
13/May/07 1:13 AM
I left a post on the SA page, too.
Avatar site:
Change size to 50.
Good luck with that and have fun.
13/May/07 2:22 AM
All the avatars you submit stay in your user details. To change them go to Update Details, it shows your current avatar, click on Manage Avatars, select the one you want and click on Select button, that takes you back to the user details page, then click the Update Details button. I keep forgetting to do that and then I have to redo everything. So don't forget that last important step.
13/May/07 3:29 AM
THANK YOU RENE, and I will give that a try once I choose another avatar.

At the moment I am in Flickr, and trying to load a photo to my page. I got some pictures into flickr, but so far, not to my p[age, I shall soilder on.
13/May/07 3:51 AM
MizTricia.... love the photo of the azaleas.
I have many Azaleas in my Garden, they flower best during August/September, our spring time.
13/May/07 11:09 PM
Hey MizTrish....I'm still up, we can have a quick chat on Sud.Anom Page now if you like.......
13/May/07 11:50 PM
Hello MizTricia! I'm making my way to the pages of some of the people I met throught the Last to Post comp. Beautiful flowers!
Thanks for the peaches.. lovely & juicy. I've brought along some lobsters for all to enjoy.
14/May/07 5:56 AM
Hi MizTricia! A good effort in the competition. Was nice to see you posting! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
14/May/07 6:26 AM
Hi MizTricia, just read your note on my page, so came back to check out your photo - and it's lovely, looks really wild! Rola & I are lurking on the SA page if you're interested! Cheers
14/May/07 1:05 PM
just catching up after a hectic week or so on the competition page where we all had so much fun.
so nice to extend the contacts to even more people all around the world.
14/May/07 4:28 PM
MizTricia: Thank you so much for the info re: avatars. I had tried looking at 'freeavatars', but I think I can't navigate the site properly, what I saw was definitely not what I wanted. Had the 'shrink pictures', but that didn't help much without a picture to shrink.
We lived in Opelika while my More...
15/May/07 2:03 AM
Hi MizTricia, We are flying into Birmingham on the 23rd June, late I believe. we are there for 2 nights. I would love some hot spots to see and brunch/lunch if possible.
15/May/07 5:45 PM
Andrea, my last 3 attempts to answer you have dissapeared. I will try again shortly. Look for me on the new day page.
15/May/07 11:34 PM

I am on MY page, not the easy page, disregard the qbove , please.

Does this site reject posts that contain website addresses? I left out URL addresses and my post went through.
15/May/07 11:36 PM
ANDREA from Melboutne, can you contact me at this website? We can exchange e-mail there and talk more at length about your trip to Alabama.

16/May/07 12:33 AM
Hey MizTricia, hope all is well.
Just a quick flying visit as I have been very busy, but wanted to pop in and say a quick 'ello' and thank you for the fun we hand on the Comps page. Looking forward to many more fun days on site with you.
16/May/07 12:46 PM
So MizT, if I was to contact you at the above website could we exchange emails ???
16/May/07 4:37 PM
ROLA, yes, we could exchange e-mails. Go to that website, click on CONTACT US, and write an e-mail in the big white box. You do not have to fill out all the other white spaces. Please put your name/sudoku first, so my mail can be easily seperated from business mail. Be sure to click SUBMIT when More...
16/May/07 9:36 PM
Email just sent MizT...
16/May/07 10:13 PM
Hello, Miztricia, I see you're moving right along.
I like your new avatar. Passion flower, huh? Are you making a statement, or do you like maypops?
Has anyone heard from Stella? Specifically, has she let anyone know how she has/will spend her Amazon bucks? Who won the $50 drawing?
17/May/07 6:31 AM
Hey MIZ T, Welcome to your own page...nicely decorated too..love the wild azaleas. I also like your avatar too. I see that you enjoy meeting up with folks and if you'd like to have my email address, Rola has it and I will let her know its ok to share it. I don't want to overload the business addy. More...
17/May/07 7:34 AM
MizTricia, the avatar, when changing them, I do not push the 'update details button', after I have chosen a different avatar....
17/May/07 9:26 AM
changed my avatar, and hasn't changed the others ...
17/May/07 9:29 AM
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