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Welcome to my page

This is a picture of the Naperville Riverwalk in the fall of 2008 on a early Sunday morning. I love to walk along the Dupage River early morning and even in the Winter. Just up around the bend is a bridge with rapids running underneath it - you can listen to the water - very nice. 


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Thanks for the welcome Julie - I'm afraid I'm still in kindergarten (preschool maybe) when it comes to the website set ups - Well, this should be a good learning experience. Sorry for the clutter - but I'm be taking it one day at a time. My goal for today: take down my More...
06/May/07 12:40 AM
M Y M A R E .
Congratulation to have your own page and please accept these flowers for my first visit to you.

You are to my Egyptian Guest House any and every time You wish. and have a .
06/May/07 6:30 AM
Hi Mary, and I know a hint when I see one. So I'm stopping by for a visit and bringing you a bottle of Kahlua for you to share with those you love. Enjoy!
10/May/07 12:06 AM
Welcome to your own page.
I have left you a bouquet of Iris on the table.
Visit my page anytime
11/May/07 2:30 PM
Mary! Our family grows and grows. You're now a part of us! Here's some flowers and a bottle of wine and a box of Doste chocolate patilles as a housewarming gift. for the birthday greeting!
14/May/07 2:13 PM
mymare (or Mary,which do you prefer?) I am leaving a big pot of Maryland Cream of Crab soup on the table. I'll grab a Doste chocolate patille and a glass of wine before I leave. A sip of Kahlua would hit the spot,too Stop by my place for a chat or a snack anytime. Door's always open
18/May/07 5:10 AM
Does mymare refer only to the name Mary or could there possibly be a mare that's a horse in your life??? Good luck on setting up your page. There is definitely lots to be learned here on this site. Please stop by & see me on my page someday. Welcome to our world. Enjoy!!
19/May/07 4:58 AM
Hi Mary! Thanks for visiting my page. I'm trying to make my way around everyone's pages. It's really nice meeting new people and talking to everyone! Is your son doing a summer session at college? My daughter just got home from college on Monday. We still haven't organized all of her stuff. Come by and visit anytime. Enjoy your planting.
20/May/07 10:17 AM
Thank You Mary for popping in to wish me Happy Birthday last week.
I have left you some Chrysanthemums, I picked them from my Garden..
25/May/07 12:45 AM
Hi there Mymare...I see you're fairly new to sudokuland...I am brand new myself...been hooked on these marvelously addictive puzzles for about a year now (thanks to my older daughter...

have a blessed day and happy solutions!! wouldn't happen to be the same mymare that has been a long time Trace Adkins fan are you???
26/May/07 12:20 AM
Hey Mary - thanks for were brave! Barry White/gollum combo is not for the feinthearted...Blue Moon beer?
27/May/07 11:21 AM
Hi Mary welcome to your page brought flowers and beer to your Memorial day weekend thanks for the Hot Dogs, enjoy the rest of the weekend, and have fun with your page,
28/May/07 12:50 AM
Hey Mary...just dropping off a pot of my renowned gumbo...full of chicken, sausage and shrimp...for the celebrations, enjoy! Wishing everyone a safe and happy Memorial Day.
28/May/07 9:52 PM
I decided to visit You today and say Hello Mary and wish you all the best good luck.
Have a nice Day.
29/May/07 1:17 AM
I generally use andouille (ahn-du-ee)unless a friend has brought me some fresh deer sausage...certainly wouldn't pass that

What your friend gave you was probably some andouille...we have some awesome meat packers/sausage makers down here. In fact it seems More...
29/May/07 3:19 AM
Hello Mary! It was nice of you to drop in for a visit. I must apologize, as I thought I had already welcomed you to your page, but I see I didn't. I'll leave my traditional double chocolate fudge beavertail pastry for you to enjoy, and a small bottle of Canadian maple syrup. Cheers!
29/May/07 7:00 AM
Thanks for dropping by Mary. I'm glad you enjoyed the happy little song. Those two entertainers brightened many a sad heart while they were alive. Unfortunately, time marches on.
29/May/07 7:50 AM
Hello Mymare, and
Thanks for visiting my page. Here's some French Silk Pie to share with your friends.
29/May/07 11:59 AM
Hello Mymare, thank you for visiting the lake. I'm glad you had a good time, I love picnics. I have brought you a box of Purdy's assorted chocolates. If you need any help with your page just ask, post a comment on the easy page or the SA page. Or you can leave a message on my page. Someone will be able to help. There are lots of wonderful, helpful people here. Come visit me again sometime soon.
29/May/07 1:39 PM
Hello Mary ,thank you for your visit , of course i come with special Lebanese sweets ,we have a lot here ,but be careful ,it is full of cholesterol ,it is very delicious ,so don't eat them in one day .
29/May/07 2:46 PM
for dropping by today and checking out my youtube.
Robert Flack - 'killing me softly with his song' I believe was written about Don McLean if my memory serves me correctly. Not sure which song of More...
29/May/07 10:51 PM
Hi Mymare, Just dropped by to look over the fence at Lizzie. I am sure she is a wonderful dog. ANyway, thanks for stopping by my page. Feel free to stop any morning about 9 for coffee and maybe a molasses cookie.
30/May/07 1:06 AM
Hi Mary, and so nice to have you stop by for a visit. Arthur continues to do well and keep us entertained as do our other two cats. We've been busy gardening, having a street sale (never again!) and are on some crazy social whirl this week--why does everything happen at once? So, like you, I got sustenance from a slice of key lime pie. That Cyndi can sure bake! Have a great day!
30/May/07 3:19 AM
Hi Mary, I just wanted to stop by quick and thank you for visiting. I'm pretty well settled in and enjoy the visits. Hope you stop by again some time soon.
30/May/07 10:44 AM
hiya mary..thanks for your lovely comment in my page..glad you enjoyed the selections are a bit limited and i promise to load a really good number be it Indian or western..
do visit again and make yourself at home
30/May/07 10:54 PM
Hi, Mary! Thanks for stopping by. Coastal Georgia is lovely though most folks traveling through on I-95 don't even realize we're here! I used to live in Illinois. I was born in Oak Park, grew up in Crystal Lake and then worked and lived in Chicago for several years before moving East.
31/May/07 12:14 AM
Hi Mary! Thanks for stopping by my page. We, too, are winding down at school. Finals this week and next. My senior graduates next week!
31/May/07 2:20 AM
Mary - thanks for dropping in a couple of days ago! Wil graduated in three years with a degree in physics. He has moved back home for a year to get some job experience (he started today on a 90-day trial job doing some very challenging programming - if that doesn't work out there are some other More...
31/May/07 12:12 PM
Hey Mary, Thank you for stopping by by page. I am so glad I'm not the only one who is new at this! My time is quite limited and I get so frustrated when I struggle!! Anyway, I wish you well and leave some lovely protea flowers and a cold bottle of Boschendal Chardonnay from South Africa!
01/Jun/07 4:33 AM
Hello Mary - I thought I had visited your page but I can't see my calling card anywhere. I haven't been on the site too much lately so have some visiting to catch up on.
Thanks for visiting my place recently. I hope you enjoyed your visit. Call again when you've got time and we'll share a bottle of our local Goundry Unwooded Chardonnay.
02/Jun/07 11:44 PM
Hi Mary. Welcome to Sudoku Land. I'm SURE you'll enjoy.

This is a smilie that you can use now - but not in a few weeks when you've become one of the crowd

03/Jun/07 9:24 PM
It Seems as if I'm not alone in thinking I had been here before now to wish you a very warm , only to find out I hadn't! Although I'm late I'm sure glad you are here and hope you enjoy being here as much as we do. You have plenty of company being challenged with all there is More...
04/Jun/07 6:10 AM

For your quick response and very interest information I had requested.
Have a nice Day.
04/Jun/07 8:20 PM
Gday Mymare, to be honest, the reason I loved school holidays the most was because I didn't have to get up early and try to drag 4 very reluctant children out of bed. Funny thing is it seemed to be easier when I was working full time, they had no choice but do it to a schedule, now that I'm back to being an 'at home' mum we can never get to school on time! Go figure???
07/Jun/07 5:06 PM
Hi Mary,
Pretzel city is the nickname for Freeport, IL. It is the mascot for the high school team 'Pretzels'. One of a kind. We are 20 miles south of Monroe Wisconsin and 22 miles west of Rockford. Hunkering down for a storm tonight. Getting windy here already. Have a good day
08/Jun/07 12:22 AM
I'm not so show how Elijah would feel about looking for cicadas. He's not much of a bug person. I sent him out with a can to collect bugs in and he came back with one ant.
08/Jun/07 6:20 AM
Hi Mary
Thanks for dropping in for a visit.
I hope you get a chance to see Tassie and the 'North Island' as I heard some Tasmanians refer to the mainland. It's such a diverse country with surprises at every turn.
Be careful with the treadmill antics, they can be scarey!! (Just watch funniest home videos!)
08/Jun/07 6:21 AM
hia MARY great stuff Take care bye
10/Jun/07 11:29 AM
Hi Mary. don't think i've visited your page yet, here's some flowers and bubbly just for fun.

i noticed on your post today (6/10posting) that you are listening to 2 books on tape. what ones? i'm listening to Jimmy Carter's Our Endangered Values right now, but also reading several books. usually my passion is bios, but i like most kinds.
11/Jun/07 3:21 AM
Mary - welcome to page #2!! WooHoo!
11/Jun/07 11:51 AM
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