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I became a member so I could talk in the chatroom - and there is no one there...
10/Jun/07 7:52 AM
Hey Suzy Oz
where have you been woman? hope all is well in your life.
10/Jun/07 9:08 AM
Hi Suzy - to Sudokuland! I am glad you are here! I hope you have as much fun as I do. I have brought you a fresh home baked Rhubarb pie warm from the oven as a welcome gift. Please come and see me some time.
10/Jun/07 10:20 AM

Hello and welcome to your own More...
10/Jun/07 10:37 AM
Hi suzy, which part of OZ are you from? We're a big country. Am leaving a virtual OZ pavlova for your supper.
10/Jun/07 10:57 AM
to your own page Suzy - here's some to help you get started with your interior decorating and a bottle of our very local wine from Wignall's, a late harvest white for you to indulge in. Enjoy
10/Jun/07 11:00 AM
welcome, suzy!
hope you have plenty of time to waste on this amazing site! there are lots of people to get to know, and it definitely is addictive!
i know what you mean about the chat room - the times i am on the computer there is never anyone else there! keep trying!
10/Jun/07 12:16 PM
hi Suzy hope u r always at your best in this great group of sudokuites Nice to have you here Have fun.
10/Jun/07 12:16 PM
Gday Suzy, its about time you got here. We've been waiting ages! Brought along a plate of nibblies and a bottle of bubbly so lets get this show on the road. Still haven't ventured into the chatroom as yet coz I cant seem to get out of the Sudokuaholics Anonymous meeting room. Pull up a chair and tell us your story of addiction. Its almost like a chatroom but with a bit of lag time!
10/Jun/07 12:34 PM
What a wonderful welcome! I wish I had time to spend more time in here today - I'm working on an assignment and studying for my first exam in over 20 years! My resolution for when they are sent and sat - spend time in here during the break!!!!! That's a bit over a week from now...
10/Jun/07 6:38 PM
I have just finished the easy sudoku in the hope that it would jump start my tired old brain. My exam is tomorrow and I was up late last night/early this morning trying to cram more information into what feels like a withered and melting brain. I'm planning a relatively early night tonight - lets hope it works out that way!
17/Jun/07 8:01 AM
pleased the exam is over for you and I bet you aced it.
it is a great effort studying, running a house and family and are you still working also?
time to put your feet up for a bit
19/Jun/07 8:54 AM
Hi Suzy, and a late welcome to your own page. What was your exam for? I have a tradition of leaving a double chocolate fudge beavertail pastry from Ottawa as a page warming gift, so I hope you like sweet pastry. Maybe it's just the treat you need after taking an exam. Enjoy, and welcome!
21/Jun/07 8:23 AM
Hello Suzy , thank you for visiting my page , and welcome to your own . I hope we will see you often , i wish you a good luck with your exam. [thank
22/Jun/07 3:02 PM
I am studying for my Graduate Diploma of Education - High School Science - and my exam was for a subject called 'Cultural Politics of Education' - basically about social justice for all, particularly students disadvantaged by things like socio-economics, gender, race, geographic location etc etc More...
23/Jun/07 7:34 AM
You're Joking !

HOME MADE Ferro Roche????????????????

OH and would I LOVE the recipe for THAT !

Nice to see you again Suzy - take care - chat soon (I hope) - good luck with the studies
24/Jun/07 10:38 PM
thank you for the lovely birthday wishes for my 50th birthday celebrations. I have great memories to keep.
receiving messages from all around the world is very humbling. I love to send the messages to others, but receiving them is something very
we share a lot here on More...
27/Jun/07 7:37 PM
Hi Suzy, So glad that you stopped by. My baby is 18 and will go to uni in August. They do grow up fast don't they? I wish you continued success at school, I know you will do great! I will leave you with a bottle of our Kinda Snockered Winery Shiraz for the breaks from studying that you so well deserve. Cheers!
05/Jul/07 12:00 PM
hey there long time no how are the lil pricess??thanks for the msg in my page..glad you liked the posts in the science page..unfortunately not much of takers there..
06/Jul/07 10:11 PM
Hey Suzy..omg (grovelling here, on hands and knees) so so sorry I havn't dropped in before to welcome you to your page.
I saw your post about getting under the 2 min mark today, and doh it just occured to me that we havn't chatted for ages. Hope all is well in your part of the world, and hows More...
13/Aug/07 4:40 PM
Hi Suzy, how's the studying going. If there was a badge of honour smilie, I would definitely put it here for you, Uni with two young kids! You go, girl.
Brought you another bottle of bubbly because you need to keep your spirits high as well as an invitation to drop into my page More...
13/Aug/07 9:36 PM
Hi Suzy, I thought I would stop by and say Hi and see how you are doing. I hope the exams and studying are going well. Good luck with the rest of your classes. Take care.
16/Aug/07 1:08 AM
Suzy - I just read your posting on Angie's page. Please don't hesitate to chat to yourself in the chatroom - we all do!

oops- who said that?
17/Aug/07 11:10 AM
Hi Suzy! Thanks for the birthday wishes for my hubby! My two youngest are 14(daughter) and 12(son), so very similar ages! (We can compare notes.) If you want to vent or need help with anything, there's usually someone around in SA3 (under Forum). Jenni (Canberra) just went back to school a couple of weeks ago. Stop by my page anytime or SA3! Take care!
20/Aug/07 8:33 AM
Suzy - no that isn't my farmhouse, that is one that my son rented for a year, but has since moved out. It is owned by friends of ours. he liked it when he could put out poison for mice, but now with his puppy he can't do that and the mice moved back. He had planned to move out anyway because he is going back to school and will be moving there, but until then, he is living back at home.
21/Aug/07 6:59 AM
ha suzy..its lovely to know that somebody thought of me!and yes our perspective on things do change after we learn a few things more...cant help it..and I sometimes agree with the statement
"Ignorance is bliss"!
28/Aug/07 9:31 PM
Hi Suzy. Thank you for dropping by my page and I'm so sorry not to have repied sooner. Yes I am studying at the moment and it is taking all of my energies so I haven't had much time for Sudoku, unfortunately. It seems I just finish one assessment and then there's another due. I am doing a nursing More...
05/Sep/07 12:41 PM
Suzy,just read it..found interesting but too lazy to edit and post..take a look..
05/Sep/07 11:16 PM
interesting observation on theories and facts!!
but both refer to the same source I think..only the intrpretation differs slightly..whatever it is ,the news and findings regarding this is amazing..
06/Sep/07 9:50 PM
, Suzy. Thanks for taking the time from your busy school schedule to wish me a happy birthday. I had 3 years of college, married and had 3 children, then went back to finish up my degree when the oldest daughters were 10 years old. It was a struggle, only doing homework after they More...
19/Sep/07 9:03 AM
Thanks for the birthday greeting.
20/Sep/07 8:20 AM
Suzy, my last college semester I had a computer class with most of the grade based upon a group project. Six weeks before the end of the semester, a member of our group of four was arrested for drug charges and unavailable. I was selected to do his part in addition to my own because I was the only More...
21/Sep/07 3:55 AM
Suzy, thanks for thinking of me. I appreciate your recipe for sedimentary rocks. We will definitely try the recipe soon. The advantage of returning to school when you're older is that your perspective (from being a parent, etc.) allows you to see the possible outcomes of these theories and enables More...
05/Oct/07 1:44 PM
Suzy, thanks for my birthday wishes. It was wonderful to recieve your nice thoughts.
08/Oct/07 9:47 PM
Suzy for the the birthday wishes, and the lovely chocolate fudge, yum
10/Oct/07 4:42 PM
Hi Suzy - Just a quick visit to tell you I enjoy reading your posts on the Science page. I am curious, what are you studying in school? I hope all goes well.
12/Oct/07 8:16 AM
Thanks for the chocolate and coffee. It hit the spot. We have a cool Fall day here today.
12/Oct/07 8:18 AM
Wow, Suzy! That is great! I give you all the credit in the world. I have gained a lot of respect for teachers since I have homeschooled my children. (The last 4 of 5.) Science should be a lot of fun, also. Lots of luck with your schooling! I will check in regularly on your Science "tid-bits." I enjoy reading them!
13/Oct/07 5:49 AM
Suzy, fingers crossed for Tip Tap. Let me know how it all goes.
Our cat, Scrap, is due for his monthly jection for arthur-itis tomorrow but he didn't handle the heat too well this weekend so I don't think he'll be around for too much longer. Mind you, I've been saying that since the beginning of winter!
22/Oct/07 5:29 PM
Suzy, I giggled when I read your last update on Tip Tap! Scrap is exactly the same, he thinks if I feed him before I take the girls to school, it must be vet day! This is a cat who can hardly walk at the best of times but if he thinks I'm about to bring out 'The Cage' he p-bolts halfway across the More...
25/Oct/07 9:40 AM
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