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Take care and stay smiling, and have a great day everyone!



May you always have love to share, health to spare, and friends that care.

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Good day to all!

Someone once said: What goes around comes around.
Work like you don't need the money.
Love like you've never been hurt.
Dance like nobody's watching.
Sing like nobody's listening.
Live like it's Heaven on Earth.
May there always be work for your More...
Hello Greg, thank you so much for inviting me to your special place. We won't tell the others about it otherwise they'll all want to call in.
I love the poem.
Yes, thank you, I would love a drink.
Hey Greg, the flag is great.
Hello Greg, just popped in to say hello, and of course to bring you a gift of chocolate!
Hey Greg
was just passing and saw the light on ... wow you have decorated your place really well and love the poem.....
Hey Greg. I like what you've done to your place. It's very nice and cozy. I have brought you a bottle of champagne from the vineyard. There's plenty more where that came from, so come for a visit when you have a little time to kick back and relax.
so Anne thought if you dont invite ppl will not step in!how wrong she is..mmmmmmmm..well i invite myself here and heres some good tea from my country...its called masala chai and can be paired with anything from cookies to crackers..
go ahead and enjoy..
I've got the Tim Tams. G'day, Greg.
G'day Greg. I just love the pithy little sayings at the top of your page. I guess your weather is settling down into the winter mode now. I used to hate the feeezing rain which you get during the transition from Fall to Winter and v.v. It was a very dangerous time to be driving. The rest of More...
AP (India): Thank you for the tea. May I be greedy and ask for some freshly baked naan with that?
Hello Greg.....Love what you've done very nice.
Hi Greg - I like your poem. It makes one stop and think about what is really important. I am looking forward to the next visit.
Hi Greg, since the race sort of died, thought I'd come over and check out your new place anyway. Not bad, not bad. Re you poem, I have a craft stamp with a similar sort of flow called an Irish blessing - when I find it I'll post it.
I'm always up for a little beaver tail! One of each for me!
Hi Greg,

Not sure if you want your flag to appear as a link or an image, but if you want it to appear as an image, then use the button that looks like a picture frame (it is just to the right of the link button).

If this isn't clear, feel free to send me an email.

Beavertail was delicious, I'm glad you got me the lo-cal version.
Hi Greg,

So close! You have a comma instead of a full-stop in the URL of your image.

Eg: you have ,jpg and you need .jpg

Thats it!
Hey Greg what a great job you've done. Just wanted to give you a nice big shout out from my part of the world. Looking forward to seeing you soon at my place.
Hello C Greg~
I'm admiring your flag, amongst the poem, as well!
Thanks for the look at your page here, it's great!
Is a picture coming soon?
Hey Greg......are you from Canada?
Greg - a lovely welcome that the Canadian flag by any chance....bit small isn't it?!

A small welcome gift...some may not have heard of it...x
Hello, Canuk Greg. Nice place you have. Love the poem.
Hello Greg - I thought I'd just pop in for a visit but you are at work. No 'sickie' today?
Anyway, while I was here I thought I may as well make myself at home so I've had a cup of coffee and washed your dishes that you left and tidied your place up a bit. Not that there was much to do, you seem More...
G'day Greg
What a wonderful welcome. Never been to Canada before, you folks sure are nice. I must continue on my Sudoku world trip, but I'll be sure to come back and visit soon.
Hi Canuk Greg - Thank you for the warm hospitality; I love the blessing as well.
Hi Greg, scotch as ordered, |_|, cheers When do we get to see your photo?
Hi, Greg!
Nice place you have here.

I don't have any naan to go w/ap's chai, but I'll share what's left of the homemade pumpkin pie in my fridge (and the Grand Marnier laced whipped cream to top it)!

Great Flag Greg! We enjoy visiting Canada and have many years of great memories at Rock Lake, Bruce Mines, Ontario.
I'm still waiting for a little beaver tail...
Hi Greg, just thought I'd pop in and see how they decorate and what the hospitality is like in Canada. WOW - you do a good job. Lovely place you've got here, you've done wonders with the place Just a little housewarming gift, some roses from my garden.
Greg, I'm sorry I missed cleaning your shower/bath when I called in yesterday. Just think yourself lucky I did the dishes.
Don't forget the bottle of wine when you come over, and I would like an almond beavertail, thanks.
See you later, then.
Wheww, I finally got here, it took me ages to push this darn chair all that way across the ocean, but it was worth it!! Great place CG , and thanks for the tea. I will call in again after I've had a little lay down. Really it's a long way in a leaky chair
Thanks for stopping by and bringing all the Canadian goodies. What the heck is in the beavertail pastry? Never had one before...Here is some microbrew from Hales Ales, a local Seattle brewery, and some smoked salmon mousse and crackers..very Pacific NW stuff for you to enjoy!
Okay visitors, I've renovated a bit. I've installed a draft tap and there's a keg of Alexander Keith's Pale Ale hooked up. The wine cellar is stocked. Both salmon and crab pates are available plus an assortment of Canadian cheeses and of course, Ottawa's finest Beavertail pastries. Party starts tomorromw night (Friday) after I get home from work!
And I still can't type!
Okay so you can't type but you take a very nice picture Lovely to meet you at last Greg.
p.s. the beavertail was lovely and I'm looking forward to the party what time does it start??
Greg, your place just has so much going on! I love the Canadian hospitality, the flag, and your picture. Who knew? You're a stud! LOL! I hope to attend the party tomorrow night
What a super place! And so many goodies being offered... Would LOVE to be at the party, but am having trouble with the time difference. It is 23.00 here in France, now. What time is the party due to start French time?!? And can Pete come...?
Woo Hoo Greg, you party animal you! can't wait for the party. Good to see you! Beautiful background too. Can I bring something for tomorrow night? I think we still have some wine left or a potluck favorite of us Minnesotans, the famous, BBQ co*ktail wienies? Ya shure yabetcha, doncha no! 'A
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