Wagdy Kamel from EGYPT-now in FL.USA.

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my small family in USA

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Hi, Wagdy! I'm so glad you were able to get your own page! As I am the first to visit, I am leaving some beautiful tulips and a gift of Frango Mints. They are a specialty candy that were originally 'made in Chicago' by the Marshall Field store. That chain of stores is now owned by Macy's, and the More...
01/May/07 6:45 AM
Hi Wagdy, how wonderful to be writing to you on your own page! You choose your topics, but keep sharing stories about your lovely country. My brother lived in Alexandria for some time and has very fond memories.
01/May/07 6:52 AM
Hello Wagdy - glad to see that you have signed in, I hope you go all the way and become a supporting member some time.
Keep up the wonderful photos that you have submitted. It makes it very enticing for people who would like to see your country, me being one of them. Perhaps you will put some more photos on your page here for us to see.
01/May/07 8:18 PM
Hi all friends.
Hi Everyone.
Eelcome,Welcome,Welcome to my bage which I like to be my Guest House to all friends.
I will do my best to make this bage very interest to meet all of you ,keep in contact to ask about every thing and any thing about my lovely country EGYPT.
Many thanks to whom give me this bage which will be Yours in fact.Thanks to all of You and Very Welcome.

02/May/07 1:33 AM
Iam very glad to see You starting visit my bage ,having with you these beautiful Tulips and your gift of frango Mints,which enjoying me too much.
Welcome You any time back ,that will be very nice.
Have a good day.
02/May/07 1:44 AM
Very happy to welcome You here with your very kind words and I will do as You say to offer You every thing about my Country to continue all the memories of Your brother who enjoyed Alexandria for some time ago and sure he told You parts of it.
Welcome and looking forward of seeing and hearing of You again.Have a very nice day.
02/May/07 1:54 AM
Dear 'A N N E'
What I can say after what You already say it.
Welcome here is not enough to You,let us say Welcome You here in Egypt .
Sure ANNE I will think how to make this page very interst to all the friends.

Many thanks for visiting me and welcome You back all times .
Wish You a very beautiful Day and looking to see You again.
02/May/07 2:05 AM
greetings wagdy...greetings from utah!
welcome to your own page. its nice to see.
i am bringing you my traditional fresh powered snow from high on top of the utah mountains.
i viewed you flicker, and it looks like you live in a beautiful place. would like to visit sometime. thanks for sharing!have a good day!
02/May/07 3:18 AM
Welcome to sudokuland and your own page.
I have left you a bouquet of Iris on the table.
Have enjoyed your pictures, and would love to learn more about Egypt.
Drop by my page anytime for a chat.
02/May/07 3:40 AM
hi wagdy
how nice you have your own page! this is the nicest site to belong to.
hope is all going well at your place and that everyone is not missing your mother in law too much.
thanks for the brilliant picture of cairo - i would love to be able to travel one day, but this is a great way to see the world from your computer. you get to meet some lovely people, too!
02/May/07 3:56 AM
Congratulations on having your own page. i just posted my page this morning. hope it's as much fun as it looks! will you choose a youtube song?

here's a bit of bubbly to say congrats

i always enjoy seeing you pictures posted. i had another one of mine posted yesteday on 'tough' of the hatteras lighthouse. i really like taking pictures...
02/May/07 4:02 AM
Hello Wagdy, and how nice to be visiting you here. One of these days, when I become more knowledgeable on the computer, I'll start a page too. Meanwhile, it's nice to be here and please know I'm still thinking of you and your family as you journey through these days and weeks without your MIL. Precious memories are so valuable and I know you'll treasure every one. Blessings.
02/May/07 4:51 AM
Wagdy, great to see you have your own page. As a housewarming gift, I give you a Redwood Burl from my little corner of the world. If you don't know about Redwood Trees (and Burls) visit my Flickr site for some pictures. You add a lot to the Sudoku site. I hope you add more pictures of Egypt to your Flickr photostream. I'd love to see more.
02/May/07 5:14 AM
Hello Wagdy and lets hope you enjoy your page, look forward to pictures of Cairo and your wonderful country.... Leaving you some chocolate to enjoy at your leisure x
02/May/07 5:43 AM
R O B from:Utah
Many thanks for your traditional fresh powdered snow from the top of Utah Mountain.
Iam so glad of Your interest and You are welcome to my Guest House at any time ,that please me too much.
02/May/07 6:11 AM
S U E .
I am more than pleased to get Your wonderful Bouquet of Ires.Many thanks for your very kind words and sure I have Your permission to knock your page any time .I will do.
Have a beautiful Day.
02/May/07 3:51 PM
Welcome You any time in Your second home Egypt and Cairo.Sure You will very welcomed by lovely people and a very interest Country.
It is a Fact MARIANE this site I like it too much because all its Members are One Big Family whatever their nationalities or Ages ,they share You Your More...
02/May/07 4:02 PM
Congratulation to You too to have your own page which will be ofcourse very interest .
I like having pictures from everywhere I visiting .I had visit most Countries From Asia, State, Europe Australia ,Middle East,...
I like travilling too much as well,You know many things ,You More...
02/May/07 4:17 PM
Hello Kathy.
Very glad to see You here in my page .You are more than welcome .
You are not need to have more knowledge about Computers to have Your own page .Please do it now.
In fact having your own One gives you every thing you want to say to your friends ,to know them very More...
02/May/07 4:26 PM
K E I T H.
With all the plessure I reed Your beautiful words and More than pleased to have Your very Special gift which sure I will visit your page to know more and more about it .
Thank You again and looking to see Your page and welcome You here any time.
Have a nice Day.
02/May/07 4:36 PM
Dear 'A N D R E '
Vey glad to see You and hear of You,and many thanks for Your very beautiful Chocolate I enjoyed it too much.
Welcome You back any time .Have a beautiful Day.
02/May/07 4:40 PM
Very Intersting Informations about this week Picture..
Dear friends.
My plan is to submit a new Picture every Sunday attached by its interest information and its history .Is that seams OK? Or every Sunday is long time to Change it? Please advise me.

This week picture of the ancient More...
02/May/07 5:22 PM
Hey Wagdy..wow sorry didn't realise you had set up your page so soon.
Please accept my appologies for not dropping in sooner. You have had many guests I see, so I will leave behind this for all to share and enjoy.
Wagdy you may update your page as often as you like, and providing More...
02/May/07 8:34 PM
A N G I E .
Hi Angie.
I am very happy to have You in my 'Guest House' as I like to call my page.
Many thanks for your very kind words and Your beautiful gift .
Please don't appologise for Your delay,I just start it Yesterday and you are welcome every and any time You wish.
Many thanks and have a nice Day.
02/May/07 9:52 PM
Wagdy, thank you for stopping by my page, it was nice to 'see' you. Congratulations on your page as well. I see you've gotten alot farther than I. I do not know how to put the pictures or youtube up. Enjoy, your page.
03/May/07 6:01 AM
For the yummy cake Wadgy. I love all your photos in the jigsaw section. I started off as Wendy from Geelong.
03/May/07 12:59 PM
Hi Wadgy,
Just popped back in again to say very very big for your birthday wishes today.
I have had a fun day, and receiving wishes from all my sudoku friends has been just wonderful.
03/May/07 7:44 PM
Many thanks for your visit my Guest House.Tou are welcome every and any time.I will knock your page now .
Have a nice day
04/May/07 5:14 AM
Wagdy, actually the cake was made by my SIL for my daughter's birthday in January, but I thought I would use it for mine, which is May 4th. Thanks for the visit. Come again soon!
04/May/07 5:48 AM
for the birthday song. You have a nice voice.
04/May/07 6:12 AM
Hello Wagdy. It has been wonderful to see the pictures of Egypt that you have posted for some time. Thank you, and welcome to your own personal page! Would you like some Canadian pastry? Leaving both a double chocolate fudge and an apple cinnamon beavertail pastry for you as a page warming gift. Enjoy!
04/May/07 6:56 AM
Hi Wagdy,
As a gift I am leaving a bushel of our famous steamed Maryland blue crabs. They are delicious dipped in warm butter. Enjoy!
Drop by my page anytime for a visit. You are always
04/May/07 7:03 AM
wagdy...good morning friend! hope your day is going well. mine has just begun. cloudy and rain in the forcast for today. i wanted to thank you so much for dropping by my page and for you lovely ngift of the great pyramids, and you invitation to stay in your guest house. WOW its BEAUTIFUL!!! i'll be More...
05/May/07 12:13 AM
Welcome to your own page Wagdy. Your name brightened up the site when it first appeared...and still does...
05/May/07 2:03 AM
Hi Wagdy,

Thanks for the welcome. I do hope to be around for a little while.
05/May/07 2:21 AM
Wagdy, Thank you for the cake you left on my page. The boys are enjoying it. I am enjoying a visit to your beautiful guest house and would like to bring you some fresh squeezed Florida orange juice. Come over anytime for a visit and let me know when you need more Florida sunshine in a glass. (orange juice)
06/May/07 12:54 AM
I always enjoy what you have to say, even though I don't think I have ever actually sent a comment to you!
Welcome aboard the personal page side of this site!
06/May/07 4:15 AM
pictures..way too different and has quite a quality of its own!have you ever visited India?/if not you are welcome...and me well so far never had any idea,but you really have created a curiosity abt your country..will see..one day i shall make it..
06/May/07 10:53 AM
hiya wagdy...it was lovely to see your post in my page..thank you..i always enjoy your comments and pictures..
well that got lost...and here it is..
06/May/07 10:56 AM
Hello Wagdy. Thank you for visiting my page and bringing a cake. Here is a big box of assorted Purdy's choclates for you and all your guests. I would love to visit that fort. It looks like a castle. There are so many interesting pictures on this site from all over the world, it makes me want to see it all. Maybe one day. Come visit my page anytime.
06/May/07 3:31 PM
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