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toward the end of a very nice fall day here in Chicago - I was able to ride my bike today and hope to keep it up until the snow starts to fly. The trees are just now changing colors and it's quite More...
14/Oct/08 10:11 AM
Welcome MacAdderbite!
Hope you enjoy your time here in Sudokuland...we're glad to have you with us.
14/Oct/08 11:02 AM
Well MacAdderbite......I googled Zim and I figured if that sums you up you should fit in well!!
To following visitors this is what I discovered....
Zim is a member of the alien Irken race, where placement in the social hierarchy is More...
14/Oct/08 4:23 PM
line 4 ...determined [biggriby height...should read... determined by height [wondered where the other half of my big grin ended up when I was cut and posting!!
14/Oct/08 4:25 PM
to MacAdderbite.
14/Oct/08 4:56 PM
Welcome! I hope you enjoy your time on these pages...
14/Oct/08 8:42 PM

Welcome to sudokuland where the people are friendly and the conversation good but most of all enjoy your time here and stop by for a chat some time, cheers. Zim thats interesting.
14/Oct/08 10:12 PM
Golf with my wife

I was playing golf with my wife. It was one of those days when I just
couldn't hit a bad shot, everything went straight down the fairway or
landed on the green. Unfortunately my wife was having just the
opposite sort of day. Everything she hit found the rough More...
14/Oct/08 10:56 PM


A grizzled old man was eating in a truck stop when three bikers walked in. The first walked up to the old man and pushed his cigarette into the old man's pie, and then took a seat at the counter.

The second walked up to the old man and spit into the old man's milk, and More...
14/Oct/08 10:57 PM
Dear MacAdderbite.
You are to your own page.
You are to my own page.
You are to visit my Egyptian Guest House any and every time you wish.
15/Oct/08 5:51 AM
to your own page, MacAdderbite!
I'm so glad you've joined us!
Loved the jokes How about posting them on the 'easy' page so everyone can have a laugh? That's where most folks start the day More...
15/Oct/08 7:27 AM
Thanks for the welkom guys. So how do I move around on this site?
15/Oct/08 9:20 PM
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