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Welcome all Sudokuholics. The meeting will now come to order. My name is Suzanne and I am a Sudokuholic. I am powerless over my addiction.....

Well, I have returned from my cruise...what a great thing to do at least once in your life. I need a vacation from my vacation. I had no idea there was so much to do to keep you busy. Thought I'd get bored but no chance of that! A highlight was the Wildlife Tour in Belize..a boat trip up the Old Belize river. I saw iguanas, all kinds of birds, bats, crocodiles, and howler monkeys. It was great to spend time with friends. We had a group of about 22, alot from my sister's boat club, as well as 7 of my alopecian friends as a midyear (from the conference in June) get together. Would love to try to get a sudoku cruise up and running. Anyone interested??

Falling out of my can dress me up, but you can't take me out..

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Welcome one and all to my page. Have a seat in the comfy chair and here is a hot toddy. Enjoy the Christmas tree I have recently decorated, and don't you love the Bing Crosby music? It's just not Christmas without Bing!
Hello Suzanne, wow this place is alive with The Bing!! Brought you some flowers and I guess you will be needing some chocolate so will leave you some hand made ones, fresh off the plate, sambuca truffles. Enjoy xx
Thanks for the toddy & chair. No doubt any number of us will ge giving testimonials of our adiction. Then we can sip our toddies and work on the 1000 piece jigsaw. Bing is a nice touch.
Hi Suzanne! Mind a Canadian visitor? Great selection of music and very strong (almost Canadian style) toddies. I brought you some beavertail pastries from Ottawa, a double choclate fudge and and a maple syrup and apple. Enjoy!
Hot toddies always makes me laugh as Todd was my maiden name. I'll just have the hot cocoa thanks, and a bit of one of Greg's beavertails, they're delicious. Here's some flowers for you and a cake for later guests. The cruise sounds wonderful!
Hey there Suz, I believe a nice Port wine would go well with the chocolate and Bing! Here is one of our last bottles of 'Kinda Snockered Winery' Private Reserve, cheers
Sookie, Sookie, Suzanne!! I love the comfort of your place. Everything's so nice, I can sit back and chill. The hot toddy is just right, and visions of sugar plums are already dancing in my head. I've brought 2 cases of bolly for you and your guests, and with André's homemade hocolate, we'll More...
Geez Suz, I don't think I will ever live down those pictues. didn't they ban them in a couple of states? I will see what I can do, probably load them on the flickr page.
Hello Suzanne, just called in to join the house warming party and I see it's in full swing.
Yes, thanks, I'd like a chardonnay please. Mmm, nice food you have here. Thanks for inviting me.
Hey Suz
I am a sudokuholic and I need help.
I have pulled up a chair and a diet copke and I lurve a bit of Bing and lots of chrissy cheer.
Ello Suz
My name is Angie and I'm a sudokuholic
I've come in here to confess my addiction so I'll pull up a chair and grabbed a drink.
I'm so glad to see so many familiar faces in here, it helps to be among friends.
BA ba ba bing, happy holidays to you.Suzanne, your place is coming along very nicely. Its so very welcoming here, and the toddy is super. Wish I could stay longer, but I have a few more stops to make, since my own decorating took me forever. I left a case of wine just outside your door...better grab it in before it disappears. Hope you enjoy.
Hello .......MY Name is Col...And I'm a sudokuholic

Now where's the drinks?

Suz - you knew just what this bunch needed when you created this room didnt' you.
There - now you can pop those over there in that corner - and over there and More...
Now - I think we need a little bit of Aussie Christmas in here. Soooo - here you go , some pavlova, lamingtons and John Farnham singing Christmas Carols.
hi ya Suzy.. my name is anu and i am also an addict (the list is big)so to shorten it just another sudokuholic!and this is an eggless cake cherry with choclate and a nutty dressing..hope you like it..well i made it eggless only 'coz i dunno how to break or beat an egg :( trust you dont mind it..
Hey Suz, you're probably sleeping since it's so early, but just passing through to say hello. Have a great day. The cruise sounds like fun! Thanks for visiting my place, and I too am excited about our meeting in '07. We will have a blast in DC. Talk to ya later, sis.
Suzanne, hello. My name is Sarah, and I am a Sudokuholic. I should be decorating for Christmas. Son #1 and wife will be here this weekend for his birthday, so I want to have the house ready. I think I'll just enjoy your tree, for now! I'll bring a plate of my homemade goodies!
Thank you Suzanne for allowing me to get this off my chest. 'Hello everyone, my name is Bluey, and I also am a Sudokuholic!!! and a Kakuroholic, and a jigsawholic!! I even do the wordsearch.' Aaahhh!! I feel so much better now I am out of the closet!!
Some for your room, and a few bottles of Killawarra Australian bubbley for celebrations!!
just wanted to say hello and hope somethings are getting better. guess i am i going to have to break down to become a supporting member so i can have a page. take care sweetie, hope to hear from you soon
Hey suze! We haven't visited for a while. I'm sure things are going well for you. Thanks for the hospitality, you and your friends make this a great party.
PS: I'll not give my first name or take any admonitions as I'm not ready to admit anything about games, puzzles or anything else that might put me in a position to disclose any weakness of character. The fact that I am posting here is not to be construed as evidence that I spend an inordinate amount of time on this site poking around to see what's going on. And the cat is not telling.
Suzanne - thank you for taking part in my birthday surprise! I really appreciate your call. I've had so much fun talking to people today, & it's not even really my birthday yet. You & Ed will always be special because you were my first two in person Sudoku acquaintances. Hope all is well with you. Sorry our conversation got cut short.
Hi Suz. After a wild weekend, do you have time for to tiptoe through the vineyards with us? I am running through quickly to deliver your plane ticket and boarding pass for our first class ride to San Francisco! This week, we depart BWI and head west to tour Napa and Sonoma, then south to Big Sur and the central California coast. We hope to see you onboard. Cheers!
Hi, Suzanne!
What a nice place you have for your fellow Sudokuholics.

Here are some of my homemade pecan shortbread cookies to go with all the various drinks...
hellooooooo girl - how are you?!! took me about a year to figure out the photo thing too, just ask Lk she's the expert!
Hey Suz, our naked sudoku photo is on my flickr site! I told keith it was all your fault!
& I can see the twinkle in your eye, Suz. Way to go. Judy wants you to drop the cards ... it was Judy, it was Judy.
Ooooh Suzanne, Christmas is never really Christmas with good old Bing.
Hey that was supposed to read never Christmas WITHOUT good old Bing.
Hello Suz. Here is a bouquet of flowers, a bottle of our best Cuban rum, and enough sodas to make a Cuba Libre or two.

Suzanne, any trepidation I had was thinking it was Jan 2007. One year gives me time to save money, lose weight, and mature child!
Hey Suzanne! is that you in the picture with LK? Shame on you (for holding the sign so high). In advance of your next party, dropping off a bottle of Canadian Club Rye whiskey. Looking forward to seeing the picture that results from that one!
Hey, Suzanne, what's this I hear about naked Sudoku and cookies? Whoa! I haven't had time to call, but I will. Hang in there (and keep your clothes on!)
yeah Suz
you mastered the photo thingy.
great pic.
I am STILL a sudokuholic!!!!
This is Franklin. I DID IT ALL FOR HER.
Hi Suzanne - I'm having the best trip around the world. Great photo. Sorry couldn't bring flowers but here's some Tim Tams for you. If it get's too cold here just call on me in Qld and warm up or have a dip in the pool.

Ticket, please...

Your family is beautiful, Suzanne! You all have such distinctive and alluring eyes!
Suzanne, hello
Love your place, thanks for the invite, and you ARE photogenic Very Beautiful...Thank you for sharing..
Take care
Oh Suzanne, What a great look! And Judy is right about your eyes too. Franklin,You did a great job, and I know your mom is so very proud of you because she's told the world that she needed you!!
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