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Hi Carmel! Lovely to see another Aussie on the site. Look forward to seeing you post soon.
26/Dec/09 11:47 AM
A little late I know but...

Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas

26/Dec/09 11:48 AM
and Merry Christmas to you from Chicago area - where we had a wet Christmas to start - but it's snowing again now - enjoy your time on the site and best wishes to you in the coming year, Mary
26/Dec/09 2:12 PM
Welcome to Sudokuland, Carmel! Looking forward to meeting you on the puzzle pages!
27/Dec/09 12:35 AM
come join the fun.
27/Dec/09 3:09 AM
Thanks for the information about the racehorse, Carmel. That's why I love this site... you learn something every day from someone 'next door' - who could be located on the other side of the world!
02/Apr/10 12:33 AM
I hadn't 'seen' you on the site before Carmel. Belated welcome to your own page. Enjoy my traditional page warming gift, a double chocolate fudge beavertail pastry from Ottawa. Cheers!
18/May/10 8:51 AM
Carmel, I join in the belated welcome to Sudokuland. Nice to see you posting hope you visit often.
18/May/10 1:18 PM
Hi Carmel, another belated welcome to the site from another Queenslander. Just saw you posting on the Hard puzzle, hope you are enjoying your time here.
11/Oct/10 4:30 PM
Hi Carmel, I know short notice but our very own CP and Mr.P. have arrived at the Gold Coast and we are planning a gathering at my place on Sunday for a BBQ Lunch.
So any who can make it are more than welcome, just let me know.
20/Jan/11 5:55 PM
I'm sorry to hear about your shoulder Carmel. I hope it wasn't/isn't too painful, although I'm sure it is bothersome. Take care of yourself and I hope you are back to 100% quickly. Cheers!
04/Apr/11 9:10 AM
I know exactly how you are feeling with a broken shoulder, I broke mine about 3 years ago in an auto accident. Very inconvenient. Good to see that you are back on track. Be sure to do the exercises, as they make a big difference.
04/Apr/11 11:42 AM
Hi Carmel, must have missed your injury, hope you are on the mend.
Here we go again! Saylz and Mrs. Saylz from Tassie will be up in our neck of the woods Saturday May 28th, we are kicking off around midday at my place. Hope you can come and meet them, just let me know on my page and will give you the details. Nibbles or a salad or sweet would be appreciated, I will supply the meat.
13/May/11 3:12 PM
Hi Broni, sounds good to me. I am able to drive again now so I look forward to seeing you all. I can bring nibbles.
14/May/11 1:20 PM
to you,
to you,
to you, dear Carmel!!!
to you!
May your day be special with a and lots of
10/Jul/11 12:02 AM
To Carmel

10/Jul/11 2:28 AM
Happy birthday Carmel!
10/Jul/11 3:46 AM
Enjoy your day!
10/Jul/11 4:24 AM
Hi Carmel/Colleen - Have a wonderful Happy Birthday today. Hope something special is planned. What a co-incidence that 2 Brisbane Sudokuists, you and Linda, have a birthday on the same day!
10/Jul/11 8:43 AM
Happy Birthday, Colleen. Have a great day.
10/Jul/11 9:47 AM
A very to you, Carmel!
Have a great day.

Best wishes,
10/Jul/11 2:29 PM
Happy Birthday
10/Jul/11 3:32 PM
Colleen, albeit belated! hope you had a wonderful day.
11/Jul/11 5:46 PM
Thanks Broni, I had a lovely time.
11/Jul/11 6:12 PM
You are welcome. Lucky Guess...
14/Jul/11 7:58 AM
Our very own Amelia will be in my neck of the woods Sat 6th August, BBQ at my place, so be there or be square~
Please leave a message for me on my page if you can attend.
30/Jul/11 2:18 PM
Most of the girls were (Beatles fans)
17/Sep/11 11:44 AM

Only the once, Carmel. That was enough.
01/Oct/11 11:04 AM
I remember you well, thanks for your best wishes. Let me know when you are coming down and we can meet up again.
11/Dec/11 10:41 PM
Hi Carmel. I just noticed your comment on Grumblebum's page today, the one about "I think I used to go out with you". That was really funny - it made me LOL. You must have a great sense of humor. Thanks for the chuckle.
15/Dec/11 10:54 AM
Hope your day was good.
25/Dec/11 8:55 PM
Thanks Carmel for you good wishes, no matter how late they were!! Its amazing how many of us Aussies are on this site, but boy am i slow at these puzzles!! Would never dream of putting my times on here...
08/Jan/12 3:55 AM
Thank you for the birthday wishes. It has been a lovely day. Out to lunch with my family in Sydney and a phone call from the rest of my family in Melbourne.
The special messages from all my friends on Sudoku are always a highlight of my day.

15/Jan/12 10:47 PM
Hello Carmel - thank you for the birthday greetings and your comment about my photos. It's been a lovely day and it's so nice to receive so many greetings from sudoku friends.

14/Feb/12 12:06 AM
Hi Carmel, and thank you so much for the birthday greetings. You helped make my day a little extra special. Cheers!
26/Mar/12 6:31 AM
Hello Carmel.
I see this is my first visit to your page.
I hear you are coming to the gathering in Brisbane at CynB's when I am there.
Looking forward to meeting you, and spending time with the BrisbaneSudokuItes
15/May/12 12:39 PM
Thankyou Carmel for the Birthday Wishes.
My husband Peter is taking me out to dinner at the local Chinese Restaurant.

Looking forward to see you and your grandies on the 10th June, at Cyn's
16/May/12 4:48 PM
Hi Carmel,

Thanks for your good wishes, seems like us grannies have a lot more in common than we thought!! Take care
25/May/12 1:55 AM
Happy birthday Carmel! I hope your day and the coming year are both wonderful and enjoyable!
10/Jul/12 5:07 AM
Have a wonderful day!
10/Jul/12 6:15 AM
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