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CoolKissAll sorts of cereals available here any time of day.Laughing

Weetbix, porridge, rice bubbles, muesli (lots of nuts and berries) and fruit loops definitely here. I'll rustle you up a coffee or tea to go with your cereal.SmileLaughingWink


Making friends with Jonesy.

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All bare again! Sigh! Lucky I'm still too technically challenged to have posted a photo!
Hello CP
I think you need the decorators in here
Hello CP seems like all that hard work on your page has got to be started again!! What colour are you thinking?
Hi CP, I thought you might have decorated by now but you have obviously been busy. Let us know when you're all ready for the housewarming party.
Hi CP. I know you're probably sleeping now. I thought I'd check in to see your new domain after the cyclone hit earlier. It's been so crazy, but your littel corner of Sudokuland will be back in full swing very soon. Please visit me in the vineyard for a little cheer when time permits!
Hi CP! If I'd known you were going to be bare when I dropped in, I would have phoned ahead. Now I am looking forward to you photo!
Hi CP. If I had a smilie I would have put one in - still waiting for promotion to 'Supporting Member' status. It has been two weeks now. We are off to places south this Friday and will be away for a week and a bit. I will probably go 'deep and silent' while we are away. Don't have the housewarming before we get back - please.
One maple sugar beavertail coming up CP.
Hello CP....thought I would drop in for a quick hello...don't even have time for a cuppa
I see you have already had a few visitors so I will pop back later when you are dressed

Decorators have been in. Couldn't get it to work from home!
CG - come back, I'm dressed now.
Hello Cp
saw the lights on early today and thought I would just call in and say hello. some flowers to make your room homely and a for afternoon tea.
Hello CP - Thanks for the cereal. I can't seem to keep it in my house. My family likes all kinds for breakfast, lunch or supper! It is hard to say no to a cup of tea or coffee. Thanks!
Oh, CP, your place is looking nice. Well done.
I'll have the mueslii, please, with sliced banana and vanilla yoghurt. Oh, yum, thanks a lot.
Oh CP, that made me giggle! Nowhere else would your name be associated with cereal! If I could have a bowl of nutrigrain would be nice with yoghurt... but no coffee - ugh!
CP you go girl, you are in great shape and I feel your special warmth seeping thru. Looking forward to my return. Thanks for dropping by earlier. Hope you have a restful sleep and dream about all the happy moms you have helped bring joy to.
Hi CP~ I know we don't talk much, or ever, but I just want to say, I LOVE YOUR PAGE!

Thanks for a look into Cereal World. I'll take a to-go box of ready cereal (like the one I had at the airport today), with Frosted Flakes ;)
Lucky the banana price has come down some! I have the most divine yoghurt here, get it from our fruit shop, it's very rich and creamy - and lo-cal
Hey CP. I'm on a my second trip around the sudoku world and wow I love what you have done to the place. Can't stay long but would love some of what Anne is having please.
Hi CP - I'd love to try your yoghurt, with a little tea as well. I've brought you a truckload of bananas and strawberries - hope you can use them.
Hi, CP!
What a nice cereal page--good thing I brought some of my Sweet Chex Mix to share with you.

Will just help myself to a few of the bananas and strawberries from Susan. Mmmm mmm mmm!
CP - I'm on my second pot of coffee today, so I have to type more slowly than my fingers wish to fly! I love your humor and fun! So, from one CP to another, WELL DONE!
[we need a coffee cup icon...]
Hi CP - I am back looking for another bowl of cereal. Any Rice Krispies. Snap, Krackle, Pop!
Yummmmm. Thanks. Have a great day.
CP: I was on my way back, but then you told we you were dressed now. LOL!
Aileen - thanks for the Chex Mix. Chex is one of my favourite cereals.
Hi CP, I hope It's not to early for you. I bought along my favorite breakfast, Hot Semolina porridge, made with half milk half water, a dob of real butter in the middle, cream, milk and sugar. Hmmmm hope you enjoy
CP, love the cereal, a perfect snack at any time of the day.
Hi CP! I'll drop in for breakfast if you have some raisin bran. (Some tomato juice would also be nice as I have a hangover from all these page parties I've been attanding.) Sorry to be so picky, but we do have our personal likes!
Thanks for stopping by and for the flowers and goodies. I'll have some weetabix please and some tea, thank you! The place looks great! Hope you can come on the cruise!! (Though Ft. Lauderdale might be a bit of a stretch for you!)
CP, I think I'll try the weetabix with a hot cuppa. I can eat breakfast all day long. Thank you. Everything is so nice. I think I'll stay a while.
CP, loved the apples and wine. Can I have some porridge for when I wake up in the morning, just a sprinkling of sugar on the top, thankyou xx
I've already had my muesli, CP, but a cuppa would be most welcome.
ha CP cereals,great idea and healthy too..well i will just have some light tea as i've stuffed myself with high calorie items in Keith's place... yeah thats fine thank you and this porridge is on my behalf..a simple one made from boiled rice,it comes in two variety one plain with a dash of salt and the other with a thin soup of pepper and jeera!!
Like your place, but where are the piccies? I'd just love a cuppa, please.
Porridge is on, two kinds - andré's and ap's. I've just made a fresh pot of tea, help yourself. Liz, too technically inept to do piccies but I'll enlist my IT savvy son over the weekend. Have a hug with your tea, Liz.
CP - How about some fresh squeezed Florida orange juice to go with the cereal? I've brought plenty to share with everyone & can deliver more when you run low. Hmm, what's the difference between porridge & oatmeal? I like mine with raisins. Good luck with your picture posting. I haven't done mine yet either!
Hello, CP! Has your hubby been in Colorado yet? It warmed up into the 30's (F)today. It is supposed to snow again, tonight or tomorrow, with a third storm Sunday.
I'll be back tomorrow for breakfast.
howdy, a coffee for me, with cream and sugar please
Hey CP... looking for more wine and beavertails are you? You know that Anne's at a Christmas party and you just want to sneak in again while she's away. Here's your own bottle, and a double fudge bearvertail. Let the others enjoy their own goodies!
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