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 Watch out for the Snakes in the Trees!




U-tube: Jacksonville Oregon Song 

for Jacksonville's Sesquicentennial

by Jewel - performed in June at Britt 





Click "Flicker" below, for tour click "Jacksonville Set",  then click slide show icon. For Full Screen viewing click icon bottom right.

18 of these photos appear in Jewel's video.


Jacksonville is in Southern Oregon, nestled in the foothills of the Siskiyou Mountains. Gold was discovered in 1851. It is the "largest intact historic inland trading center west of the Rockies".

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Eve! You made it! I'm so happy you decided to join! To celebrate, I've brought you a big pot of Maryland Cream of Crab soup. After you get settled in, stop by my place. Door's always open
17/Jul/07 3:39 AM
Eve to your page and this site! Hope you enjoy visiting all of the places here. Here are some flowers to help decorate your place! Have a great day! Visit my page anytime! If you ever want to chat, you can visit the SA2 page (under Clips conversations). There's usually a friendly ear there. Take care.
17/Jul/07 4:10 AM
Good to see you've joined in the fun....leaving you a basketful of goodies that made Philadelphia famous, Steak sandwiches, Twinkies, soft pretzels, scrapple, cream cheese and Franks orange soda...hope you enjoy. Please drop by my page anytime and share what ever the fare may be when you come. More...
17/Jul/07 4:34 AM
and Eve, Thanks for the trip down memorylane - and the taste of a cheese steak - I'll add some chicago style hot dogs and a deep dish pizza - enjoy your day, Sock it to me here come the Judge Mary
17/Jul/07 4:53 AM
Hi E V E .
congratulation to have your own page.I am very pleased to visit your garden of life having with me these very beautiful flowers hope you enjoy it.
You are to your own page.
You are to my own page.
You are to visit my 'Egyptian Guest More...
17/Jul/07 5:19 AM
Eve, the video is brilliant! I haven't seen that in ages. It withstands the test of time. Thanks for the blast!
17/Jul/07 5:49 AM
Hi Eve,

Glad to see you have joined. I will leave you a plate of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies on the table. Enjoyed your video have not seen it in so long. Have fun, come visit when you have time.
17/Jul/07 7:49 AM
to those who have visited my construction site, since I will be a little busy this week with company & Britt Festivals, not much will be changing for awhile.

For those of you over 60, the Utube should bring back memories of the un-PC days. Those of you 'Down Under' may More...
17/Jul/07 9:27 AM
Posted on wrong page. Someday, I may learn where I am.
17/Jul/07 9:33 AM
Hi, Eve! to your page! We're so glad you've joined us! I'm leaving some fresh flowers and a big box of Frango Mints to enjoy with guests as they drop in. I hope you enjoy the puzzles & the people here.
17/Jul/07 10:54 AM
LaughIn - what all other comedy shows aspire to be. Great selection, I don't think I ever missed an episode. Also a solid cornerstone for your new construction.
18/Jul/07 12:57 AM
Eve - Laugh In was one of my favorite shows growing up! Nice choice. I will leave you with a bottle of our 'Kinda Snockered Winery' White Merlot, best when served chilled. Enjoy
18/Jul/07 4:26 AM

EVE, I am glad to see you have joined our group. Welcome and glad you did. If any More...
18/Jul/07 5:27 AM
Hi Eve! It's about time you got your own page, but let's not have this construction zone last through the whole summer please! I'm leaving you my traditional double chocolate fudge beavertail pastry as a page welcome gift! Enjoy!!
18/Jul/07 6:04 AM
Eve - well it sounds like a tough job, but somebody has to do it! . We have a great time making the wine, I just transferred a Gew├╝rztraminer, will be ready to bottle in about 4 weeks.
18/Jul/07 6:29 AM
Hi Eve,
Sorry, I ate all the peanut butter fudge--none left for visitors... So sad, but my tummy is happy! Thanks for the welcome!
18/Jul/07 6:32 AM
EVE, yes, the birthday quilt I think is my favorite. I am glad you liked it.

There is a story with each block! The bright yellow block has a dragon and Sunbonet Sam, the boy version. The maker of that block said Sam was courting Sue and bought her the dragon while in the Orient heheheh. More...
18/Jul/07 6:55 AM
Eve...Congrats on your new page and cute video, thanx. And thanks for the update. We should be home late next week. Sounds like a busy weekend, have fun and don't get yourself sick again.
18/Jul/07 7:30 AM
EVE, I heard you needed an avatar, and had not had time to figure that out.

I took the liberty of making you an avatar with your name. All I need now is an e-mail address to send it nd instructions for submitting avatars, and I can get it right in the mail for you.

You can ask More...
19/Jul/07 3:19 AM
Hi Eve, Thank you very much for the birthday wishes, I had a very nice day. Went to my favorite Mexican resturant, even had dessert 'flan' yum, yum.

19/Jul/07 11:12 AM

Julie From IL, USA

Check out my page

Hi, Eve! Thank you so much for the melon/fruit salad. It is delicious. I have enjoyed some, but will also leave some in the fridge so visitors can try it out! Don't you just love summer when all the fresh melons & fruits are so abundant! Have a great day!
19/Jul/07 1:20 PM
EVE, love the quilt!

I wrote a long reply, lost the post, but the above sums it up nicely :>)
19/Jul/07 6:03 PM
Looking forward to seeing your avatar. How about you come visiting over on the Sudakuaholics page to show off your new duds :>) When you get all dressed up, you need somewhere to go!!

did you find the information about making avatars, over on clips? Or is that for another day?
21/Jul/07 5:35 AM
Eve, Thanks for the visit...Please take your time getting what you want...thus far, you are looking good. Nice avatar and your photo gallery is spectacular....great shots. If I can help in any way just ask...no problems.
22/Jul/07 2:03 PM
Gday Eve, thank you for the guided tour through Africa. Phew, I'm exhausted! I looked in this morning and was having a little trouble seeing a few of the pics but tonight when I came back to have another look, I find you've put more up. Fantastic, and I didn't have the same trouble I had earlier. More...
23/Jul/07 9:19 PM
WOW . . . . I just did a bedtime tour of Africa. wonderful photos. this is one of my favorite things about this site, some fantastic photographers snapping photos of places I shall never get to visit. I really enjoyed my cyber tour, many thanks for inviting me.
24/Jul/07 2:19 PM
Hello Eve. Thank you for visiting my page. I Have brought you a big box of Purdy chocolates to share with your guests. It sounds like you have done a lot of traveling. Christina Lake is about 90km(60mi) east of Osoyoos on Highway 3. It is very close to the USA border. The mountains in the More...
25/Jul/07 3:47 AM
Great Safari pictures. Thanks for sharing.
25/Jul/07 8:23 AM
Eve, thanks for visiting my page and suggesting pics of Bryce Canyon. Unfortunately, it has been so many years since I have been there that those photos have disappeared. However, your page made me decide to start a photo gallery. I'm not sure whether I should thank you for that yet or not; More...
25/Jul/07 3:20 PM
Hi Eve! I'm curious if a comment on a photo in your gallery gets sent to you via e-mail like comments on your personal page do? I made a comment on the zebra one. Would you please let me know if you get a notice of that? Thanks - that will help me to know if I should leave comments on photos or More...
26/Jul/07 3:19 AM
Hi Eve! Thank you for the beautiful song! Also, the pictures of Africa are great! I wanted to ask you if it was difficult to make the t-shirt quilt. I've wanted to make one for a while but wasn't sure if it could be done with t-shirts. Could you let me know how you did it? Thanks!
26/Jul/07 6:29 AM
Oh yum Eve. I can't wait to try that pie, my mouth is watering just looking at the photo. I can almost taste it! I will wait till the strawberries are in season because otherwise they are a bit tasteless and it would not it any justice. They are grown locally on a large scale so I am able to pick More...
27/Jul/07 9:28 PM
Eve, Thanks for stopping by my page and your kind comments. I think that the idea of peace as one that I deeply believe in, is fairly established on this site. I am so grateful to those who risk their lives, and to their families, when they answer the call in war time, that the least I can do is to More...
28/Jul/07 8:01 AM
Eve, just watched iwo.com. Man they're doing it hard aren't they? Come back home guys. Thank you for the link.
28/Jul/07 4:30 PM
this is india eve u like it so come over i m in delhi i will take u to all the beautiful places i too love travelling do keep up the spirits high as india has a divine heritage but is lil stiffling in some areas but u must come once ...tc love to u More...
29/Jul/07 5:48 AM
Your story about the funding doesn't surprise me. I think it goes on everywhere to a certain degree. Loved your comment about 'Friends of the Library' donating their campaigning money to the actual libraries! Wouldn't it be ground breaking if tax money, etc went where it was voted to go?
29/Jul/07 7:37 AM
Eve - thanks for dropping in! Yes, much of Texas is pretty much a pool right now. We have actually gone two days without rain.
We have been rather lucky - the really BIG rains have gone either north or south of College Station. We are just above normal, not WAY above normal. One city in More...
30/Jul/07 1:49 PM
Eve, we so enjoyed the Canadian Rockies. What a beautiful area. I've been a fan of Doc Watson since I was a teen. I'm so sorry I never got to see him perform live. My wife and I were visiting friends up in Ashland a couple of years ago, and we went for a drive and got caught in Britt let out More...
31/Jul/07 1:21 AM
Welcome to your own page Eve, Great youtube of the laugh in, remember that from a long time ago, well sor't of remember it, if you lived in the 60's mabey some of it you don't remember so well Well here's some pik-a-nick baskets to help with all More...
31/Jul/07 2:59 PM
Eve, thank you for the tip, I found the photo of Athabasca Falls to be surprisingly challenging (that;s a euphamism for bl**dy difficult, but don't tell anyone)
31/Jul/07 4:35 PM
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