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Well heyello all who come to visit, welcome to my special page.
A bit of decorating to be done .. but sit down on one of the comfy couches or the recliner chair if you need a little more comfort. A poof for your feet ... oops a pouffé.
A fridge full of virtual drinks, whatever your liking or More...
Another ditty!!

There once was a lady called Rose
Who wrote such excellent prose
When flying on a plane
She became quite insane
and hid a parachute right up her nose!
Puff, Puff, Puff and an extra Puff, its a long way from Col's house. (BTW you should see her cabin, it is a mess.)
Also, brought gifts, hope you like -
Recycled LP Records (about 1000 I think)
Homer Simpson Cookie Jar;
Rude talking teddy bear;
Bill Wrapping Paper;
A Middle Aged More...
rotfl jaz
thank you
such a wonderful shopper
Hi Rose I see Jaz has been by and left a whole pile of stuff. I thought I'd help out by tidying up a bit. I've put most of the tattoos on, and kept a few aside for col - for when she's old enough. I tried to stuff the teddy in the cookie jar - (it seemed to be the only way to get him to shut up) - More...
Rose, I'm 100% behind you on weight loss. The two of us struggle to maintain our fighting weight around here and it's not easy. I could stand to loose some myself as I've not been able to walk the golf course the last 5 or 6 months as in the past and doing that really helps. Diet alone won't do it. Exercise is essential to re-adjust the metabolism.
Hey Rose

OK OK OK - no Mrs Mac's or Brookes - just me. I dont need to post a 'before' picture.... It's right up there on my page at the Sudoku get together. About as bad as I want to look anyway - so onwards for me and downwards for the scales.
Perhaps people could post some low fat recipes on the 'easy' 'recipe' section?

Recipes would need to be simple to prepare and suitable for families.
To All those who are intersted in losing weight?
I am a food lover and in need of losing weight ... lots of it ...and would like to achieve it before I turn the big 50 in the middle of the year ...
BUT I am hopeless so would like to have group support to do so. More...

Well done, Rosie! I give you my 110% support ..
Hint #1: Portion sizes and lots of water, serve your meals on a smaller plate and it will seem like more.
Hint #2: Whenever you feel hungry have a drink of water. It may be that you are actually thirsty not hungry, even though your tummy is saying 'hungerrrrr'
Good Luck, my dear, you can do it
OK we have enough of us interested to get the group in motion.
start whenever you want to ... I will be starting on January 1st 2007.
Post that photo cos that helps everyone understand how hard it all is for some people and then will show how good you look in the after photo.
Do the More...
Oh! YOU too, Col my dear. BTW you can still have your VLS just dont have that extra slice of bread. Do NOT, I repeat Do NOT give up alcohol, only give up or cut down on those things you dont need for the rest of your life LOL
thank you for your support .... as I sip from my water bottle .... lol ... getting a head start on Jan 1st

I WILL do it with the support I have ....
Starting as I mean to go on. I'm off to the golf club. It is minus 5°C. If course is frozen I shall go for a brisk walk. See you all later when I'll post my photo.
I'm with you, Rose. Already started a program a month ago that is working well. I went to Dr Sandra Cabot's clinic at Camden and saw a doctor and a nutritionist. I fit into the Syndrome X picture - you can get her books at the library, Big W, bookstores. I knew I had a fatty liver, I am diabetic - More...
Rosemary, there are bound to be some cranky people who are going to complain about ANYTHING on the site. Just a thought ... you could request a Weight Loss Page from Gath, and I'm sure that he would provide one. In this way, all those involved could check in, report successes and failures, More...
rosemary, what a wonderful idea the weight loss group is. Count me in. I'll post a before picture on my page. I've been wanting, but not starting for some time now. Maybe this will be the inspiration I need.
Good thinking Rose, LOVE THE IDEA. Count me in! I don't know if I will post a photo of me on the main page but will put one on my flickr site. Unless I can use Brooke Sheilds
Rosemary, I'm with you in the weight loss picture is already on flickr with the fat hanging out. I've been going to the gym for several years and have maintained my weight to a point, but need to watch my food and drink so that I can drop some unwanted, unneeded, well earned pounds. More...
Nice picture of you and Angie Rose! As to weight loss, I support you, but I'm okay that way right now. I suffer from memory loss!
thank you all for the wonderful support already and I know all those who want to do this will achieve.
great idea will chat to gath about it. wasnt going to post much on the easy page but it is good idea to have separate one where we can share
To all of you positive/determined/persistent/consistent Guys and Girls, Goodonya!:
#1. 75% of people are chronically dehydrated.

#2. In 37% of people, the thirst mechanism is so weak that it is mistaken for hunger.

#3. Even MILD dehydration will slow down one's More...
Rosemary~ Thanks for checkin' out the food plan. It is good, and your plan sounds solid to me. Most the time cutting back, and adding walking does wonders for many people I know.
I'm excited to be a part of this, and I'll let you know when I start mine!
see you around
I really like your lose weight idea and altho a photo is still something I run shy of, I'm in. I lost 10kg in a big effort a year ago but this festive season three of them have come back on and really there were another 5 to get rid of, so something orta be done, 8kg definitely worth losing here.
those water facts are really interesting.
i will try water instead of milk at bedtime and keep you posted!
rosemary, just looked at the Miller's Outpost website. Very nicely done, and looks like a great place.
Rosemary - I have today bought a pedometre to encourage me to do more walking. Water is not a problem for me to drink in summer. I just find it a little off putting in the cold weather and tend to opt for tea.
I'm not going to publish my start weight but thought I would publish weight loss. Maybe I should start a 'Shrinking Gannie Blog' or we could all become the 'Shrinking Sudokus'
Heyello Rose, I am sure you are fast asleep right now as I am at work. I saw on TV last night that Weight Watchers is offering a 'free trial offer' for online support. Thought I would check it out. I will let you know if it loooks promising. I don't plan to pay for it but might give some good hints to get everyone started.
Hi Rose. 2007 is around the corner. A whole new year coming up, and so much will happen during this coming year. I do hope that you and yours enjoy peace, happiness, good times, (chocolate for those of you who indulge), and should there be some sorrow that befalls you, I do hope you weather it well and stay strong and positive. HAPPY NEW YEAR!
ok, I have absolutely no proof that this works but having just read a book all about it, you never know, it might be worth something....look at what you've just put on your plate and eat exactly HALF of it. Now stop and look at what's left. Do you really want to keep eating? No? fine. Yes? Then More...
all the best for 2007 Rose, with or without weight loss you'll still be a beautiful lady - never forget that!
Thank you for all the good wishes posted overnight and Fiona I am blushing.
Mo I have a pedometer somewhere ... I must find it and start using it again. I wonger if it counts steps while I sit here chatting to you lot.
Above I have posted a link for my special New Year Wishes for you all.
Its just above the lovely photo of Angie and Moi and all my chins.
rosemary, I went and enjoyed your New Year's card. Very nicely done. May I suggest either reducing the font size of the address or breaking it into two lines so your whole page isn't so spread out sideways.

Fiona, my sister is doing exactly what you suggested, eating only half of what is More...
My New Year's Toast for you:

A health to you,
A wealth to you,
And the best that life can give to you

Happy New Year Rosemary and Graeme!

Rosemary - Your new year's message to ''this great big extended family'' posted yesterday was lovely. You expressed yourself so well in describing all the things we share & feel on this site. It's so much more than puzzles!!! I wish the best for you & your family in 2007.
Ok so the big day January 1st 2007 is here and its time to make weightloss, a fit and healthy me a priority.
I am 170cm or 5'7' tall and weigh
sssssshhhhhhh 115 kilos
my aim is to lose about 30 kgs. I am not a small frame so have no false ideals of being super thin. with the help and More...
Rose! I know you will do it!
Rose, Happy New Year! I wish you all the best for 2007, and especially in achieving you goals for weight loss. With the support of so many, success is YOURS!
Rosemary, Today I purchased Dr. Mehmet Oz's books, ''YOU The Owner's Manual'' and ''YOU on a Diet''. He has a lot of good common sense guides to not just losing weight, but making healthy lifestyle changes. Ther is a place on his website to take the ''RealAge'' quiz. Sadly, MY realage More...
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