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Hey Jenni
to your new Page. I see you havn't had time to set up your page so I will leave you some to brighten up the room and some for all your guests to enjoy.
02/May/07 10:26 AM
Hello everyone, welcome to my page. Thanks Angie for your message - sorry I hadn't been here sooner. I guess now I have to figure out how to make this page interesting, so give me some time and I will do so. In the meantime, I look forward to meeting you all, so welcome and make yourself comfortable.
02/May/07 11:16 AM
[welcome.JPG] OK, now i've had a better look and I will add some decorations. Everyone [cake.JPG] take a piece of cake and have a great day.
02/May/07 12:16 PM
Woops it didn't work - how come?
02/May/07 12:17 PM
Hi, Jenni, and to your page. Maybe your smilies didn't work because you hadn't logged in? That happened to me yesterday. Anyway, enjoy your page and all the wonderful people who will visit. Here are some tulips (we're in spring now) and a big box of Frango Mints. Enjoy.
02/May/07 12:20 PM
Hey Jenni
Thank you so much for popping by my place today, and Thank You also for your good wishes. Hope your day has been as much fun as mine has been.
Parties all week at my place, so call around again and help yourself to all the wonderful cakes, drinks or even show us your moves on the dance floor.
03/May/07 9:17 PM
Hi Jenni, and welcome to your own special page! I'm dropping off a double chocolate fudge beavertail pastry from Ottawa for you as a page warming gift. Enjoy!
04/May/07 5:23 AM
Welcome to sudokuland and your own page.
I have left you a bouquet of Iris on the table.
Drop by my page anytime.

05/May/07 3:48 PM
Congratulation to have Your own page and very pleased to offer You these beautiful flowers on Your table.

You are
to my page 'The Egyptian Guest House'any and every time You wish. and have a nice Day.
07/May/07 10:35 PM
Hi Jenni. My avatar is a Kermode (albino) bear, which is very rare. I was lucky enough to see this bear when I was working in Northern British Columbia (Canada). His full picture is on my Flickr photo page.
08/May/07 8:46 AM
G'day Jenni - Just popped in on my way to the pub - can't stay long - so welcome. Here's some flowers I picked up in the cemetry, should revive if you put them in water. Sad about the Brumbies but then there's always next year (sigh).
08/May/07 9:34 AM
Thought I should come and say Hi to a fellow Canberran.
10/May/07 2:45 AM
Hi Jenni! Thank you for visiting my page. The photo of your area is beautiful! Who is singing in the video? I have never heard that song but it gave me the chills, it's great!
11/May/07 12:52 AM
Hi Jenni, thanks for your visit. Where in France do you visit? We live not far from Bergerac. We have lived in France permanently since 1989.
We have the reverse to you, Steve and I would love to be able to live in Australia preferably WA
We have been 5 times now including a 6 month visit More...
12/May/07 6:35 PM
Hello Jenni - what a great choice of You Tube with Robbie Williams singing Angels, one of my favourite songs of his. I have lots of his DVD's & CD's, although i haven't bought his latest one or two because I've been listening to Il Divo & Cat Stevens a lot. He's certainly got a great voice, though.
12/May/07 11:39 PM
Jenni, go to our website at for my email address. send me an email and I will send you granniemos back.
14/May/07 11:57 AM
love the youtube ..... saw him in melbourne last year ... just awesome!
14/May/07 12:04 PM
HI JENNI, I am out and about visiting everyone who has visited my page. i just did not have time during the competition, kept me busy and off the streets a few days :>). Thank you for visiting my page. I love the photo of Lake burley , lovely spot. If I did not have photos up when you visited, I More...
14/May/07 12:47 PM
Jenni, Beautiful shot of Canberra too. Please accept my gift of wine an cheese, and I do hope you enjoy it. What a great way to greet your guest with a rousing musical treat...thanks, I enjoyed it a lot. I must run, trying to catch up on some of my neglected page hopping. Peace!
17/May/07 7:47 AM
Thank you for visiting, and the Birthday Wish.
Thanks for the Choccies and Bubbly....
Iam leaving you a bunch of Chrysanthemums I just picked from my Garden
17/May/07 10:56 AM
JENNI, of course we may exchange e-mail addresses. Do it now, while you know where the web site addy is located
17/May/07 11:02 AM
Jenni for visiting my page, had a great time posting on the contest, just for fun and conversation, Thanks for the bubbly and chocolate balls , Would still like to know who posted that pic to the easy puzzle but found it on the web and could'nt resist putting it on my page, Have some wine and cheese on me, and some Tulips and gladiolas from my garden.
17/May/07 3:33 PM
Hello Jenni!!
Lovely of you to come and visit me, and thankyou for the bubbly! The contest was great fun, and it was lovely to meet a lot of new people.

I really miss being in Canberra in the Autumn, and in Spring, but you can have the Winters!!

I am leaving ypu some cheeses to share, and some pot pouri for your new place. Enjoy!!
17/May/07 7:10 PM
Hi Jenni! Thank you for visiting and the congratulatory message. It is so nice to meet everybody and the contest was a fun way to do it. It's not as easy to 'talk' to everyone now that it is over because we're so busy and in different time zones. Hope to talk to you again. Have a great day!
18/May/07 1:42 AM
welcome jenni. here's some flowers and more bubbly. please visit my page anytime.
s this is one of your all time fav songs, eh? don't think i've heard it before who is the artist?
love the picture. must add canberra to my list to visit.
18/May/07 10:03 PM
Hi Jenni. Thanks for dropping in and for the yummy yummy gifts... hope you drop by to share the bubbly. The photo of the koala was taken in the wild. Just lucky I guess.
I have left you a bunch of yellow roses. They are the last of the roses in my garden.
21/May/07 4:23 PM
G'Day Jenni, I've been a bit busy so haven't had much time to chat.
Thanks for dropping in at my place.
Here are some Poffertjes (tiny Dutch pancakes) with jam and cream for you and all our Sudoku friends.
21/May/07 6:37 PM
Hello Jenni, thank you for visiting me and bringing bubbly and chocolate. I hope there are some white ones in there, my favourite. I've got some Purdy's assorted chocolates for you. It's hard to get together on the SA page. Times zones and busy schedules. I will be posting more pics of the area on More...
22/May/07 3:12 AM
Hey Jenni, they may be older but the music never dies!
22/May/07 12:15 PM
Thank you for the wine and chocolates. Two of my favorites. Wondering who told on me.
22/May/07 1:22 PM

How did that welcome gift get way down here?

31/May/07 12:41 PM
Jenni, I have not yet received your e-mail, something somewhere must be blocking it. I will think of something else.
31/May/07 12:46 PM
Jenni, strike three, you are OUT. Nope, that did not come through either. What mail are you using? Is it a free one like hotmail or yahoo? my ISP blocks some because of so much spam. IF I put your e-mail in my address book as a favorite, then it would come through, but how can I put it in till I More...
02/Jun/07 3:42 AM
to your page and for sharing your photo's, great scenery and fun ny cat .I've bought you a cake to share with your guests .Cheers.
02/Jun/07 4:08 PM
GREAT YOU TUBE Amelia! Thank you!
06/Jun/07 8:02 AM
Jenni, they are great photos. Will wait till next summer before I drop in for that BBQ and will bring some bubbly when I come.
06/Jun/07 3:36 PM
Hi Jenni! I was browsing through your pictures and came upon Chenonceau Castle. I was there several years ago! It was raining hard the day we were there and brown water was just GUSHING under the castle! I must say your pic is much nicer than the one's I took Sunshine does make a difference Did you get to tour the inside?
07/Jun/07 7:34 AM
Hello Jenni - is that a photo of you in front of the French Castle? If it is, it's very nice and good to put a face to a name.
Where in France have you been as I have been there twice and absolutely love the chateaux and old medieval villages.
08/Jun/07 11:44 AM
Hi Jenni, just popping in to say I'm hovering around the SA room if you wanted to come back in with your sis for a chat.
10/Jun/07 5:48 PM
and also
10/Jun/07 5:48 PM
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