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Are you well dear Glinda? Is toast off the menu? Bread shortage in Maine? The green glob/avatar is wasabi - never tried it on toast, but I'm sure it would go well on rye...

your friend in times of crisis and/or avalanches...keep safe.
08/Dec/08 7:09 PM
to the site and your own page.Hope you can put some pix up and we can learn a little about you.Enjoy.
08/Dec/08 9:46 PM

Hope you have a great time here, so take a load off, come in and enjoy.
08/Dec/08 10:17 PM
It's a snowy overcast day here near Chicago and gearing up for the Holiday season -- going out with the girls tonight -- enjoy your time on the site and Happy Holidays to you also. Mary
09/Dec/08 12:22 AM
to your own page, Glinda!
I'm glad you've joined us!
09/Dec/08 2:25 AM
Is it really you Glinda.???

Our very own Toast!!!

09/Dec/08 2:54 AM
Is this our Glinda from the past?
Joining in and getting a page at last?
Wanting a page warming gift, a treat?
Something with hocolate and very sweet?
A beavertail pastry is coming your way.
Enjoy, post comments, come and play!
09/Dec/08 5:25 AM


Hope the toast doesn't go soggy!
09/Dec/08 8:45 AM
What a silly word (I say),
But you want us all to play,
With -udge, oh fudge,
I can't say I begrude,
And I won't try to nudge,
Or even try to judge,
Your choice of words, -udge?
But like I said, oh fudge.
09/Dec/08 11:56 AM
Glinda, a blast from the past..or should I not prejudge?
09/Dec/08 2:26 PM
I am at work, therefore I bludge...
09/Dec/08 5:24 PM

to you to Sudokuland, along with a Strawberry Cream Cheese Pie for you and your guests.

There’s lots to do around here, places to visit and chat. I'm just around the corner; stop in anytime for more pie and a video.

Budge, Drudge, FUDGE, Grudge, Judge, Nudge, Pudge, Sludge, Smudge & Trudge
09/Dec/08 5:57 PM
toast points? but what if it's a round loaf? er...pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosisudge.
09/Dec/08 7:52 PM
Hi Glinda, how are you? I have missed you!
10/Dec/08 2:57 PM
Hi Glinda - you really have sparked a renewed interest in me to read War and Peace so I have saved Mum's copy from the oblivion of a cardboard box and will read it, after I have read my 6 library books due back in early January.
With that it is goodnight to you I bid, which rhymes rather complacently with languid.
16/Dec/08 11:27 AM
Sir, I shall not be slack: in sign whereof,
Please ye we may contrive this afternoon,
And quaff carouses to our mistress' health,
And do as adversaries do in law,
Strive mightily, but eat and drink as friends
18/Dec/08 10:50 AM
I should be languid...
18/Dec/08 10:58 AM

Wishing you all the very best for the Festive Season

22/Dec/08 10:56 AM
Hi Glinda - yes seriously, I do plan to read 'War and Peace' but I don't expect to be able to even start on it for weeks with Christmas upon us and 6 library books to read before mid-January. Your little snippets from it have aroused my interest, thanks.
to you and yours. Enjoy!
23/Dec/08 8:14 AM
Sorry, forgot to rhyme with languid,
but this time I did!
23/Dec/08 8:15 AM
Glinda,may the Christmas spirit bless you and your family and the New Year be filled with joy and prosperity! Merry Christmas!
24/Dec/08 12:37 AM
Hi Glinda, I saw your post today and immediately thought of toast. So, I got out a bottle of scotch and eventually forgot what the point of my mission was. So, this crusty old loaf with glass held high says "Whistling at girls gets results"! Thumbs up! And a happy Yew Near to yooo to.
25/Dec/08 6:47 AM
Your word just makes me wince,
On Christmas you want to rhyme the Grinch?
And you won't give in even a inch,
So my greeting words I will not mince.
I'll give all little kids and widows a pinch,
Merry Christmas wishes from my pet finch!
Bah humbug, I guess that I'm the Grinch.
26/Dec/08 7:48 AM
Grinch is a cinch!
26/Dec/08 9:59 AM
Glinda: Perhaps Jeb knows something that rhymes with "lutz." Personally, I think "Dewar's" rhymes with lutz; but then, I think Dewar's rhymes with everything.
26/Dec/08 11:28 AM
This is a dry page. We serve only sparkling cider here, and occasionally sparkling conversation.
27/Dec/08 12:12 AM
I'm a liitle peeved by the ecomonic downturn. We in Canada get a lot of produce from California during the winter, and with the shipping and time delays with the trucks fighting winter weather, 'fresh' corn is now costing us a buccaneer.
30/Dec/08 8:34 AM
I hitched a lift from a Cockney lad he really was a dear.
When suddenly I realised he was a buccaneer.
He was driving madly on the road when sudden he did veer.
He crashed his car into a ditch and came over very queer!
I climbed out of the wreckage, badly smashed at the rear.
But thankfully we'd skidded and missed the broad blue Mere.
31/Dec/08 8:28 AM
I'd try a stronger wine with the bread, or just the wine and forget the bread...

I have been practising my hexameter times tables...surely cricket is easier?

10/Jan/09 2:54 AM
If I had some ham, I could have a ham sandwich, if I had some bread.
10/Jan/09 3:46 PM
I'll try the kanebullar, please. I love cinnamon.
11/Jan/09 4:36 AM
About Twilight, I haven't read it. The reviews on Amazon don't inspire me to read it or see the film, but that's just me.
14/Jan/09 11:25 PM
Shiela, CynB, Glinda - Anyone have a comment to launch discussion on Pride & Prejudice? It's the most popular and thus is often the doorway into the whole body of JA's work. However, when people read JA it often ceases to be their favorite. So, what's up with P&P? Can you remember the first time you read it or saw it on video? Has the story "grown on you" in any way?
20/Jan/09 2:49 AM
JA alert - Shiela's left a message on my page about P&P. !revo nom'C
20/Jan/09 8:59 AM
JA - I've posted responses to Shiela's comments.
20/Jan/09 10:57 PM
JaneS (Shiela, CynB, Glinda, Victoria) -
Since Northanger Abbey is lesser known, I just jumped in and posted a big, long intro to it (without too many spoilers, I hope).
Please feel free to pounce on anything JA up through NA and add a comment or just check in. I know that Shiela's eager to More...
27/Jan/09 5:49 AM
MIss Glinda
thank you for worrying about us way down yonder. we are okay just have to hope that the summer passes with no more fires. :)
11/Feb/09 9:15 PM
porch writings

Oh porch of the eve
with your chair swinging bright
Lit from the stars
In the pale moonlight...

It is hard writing in 'porch', I haven't mastered this new language thing.
(more to follow...)
Notes to self: must include a builder, a tiler and a roofer somewhere in the prose.

15/Feb/09 5:02 AM
What a joy and a surpise
When I saw before my very eyes
On my page someone did stop and linger
Oh my toast!...there I saw Glinda.
19/Feb/09 2:40 PM
porch writings

Oh porch of the day
Swinging hey, hey
Where is the roofer
The builder today...

I'm trying to encorporate the tiler...there is a sad lack of 'tiler' prose I feel.
26/Feb/09 11:37 PM
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