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Before anyone asks I'm not related to Mr Bean although I must admit we saw him live in Melbourne many moons ago and it was one of the most memorable shows I've been too. 'Bean' is a childhood nickname that my elder sister bestowed apon me - rhymes with my second name 'Jean'. Truth often is a bit boring - should've let you ponder on such a strange handle  [name for those not up on Ozzie slang] for a bit longer. 



 Nothing else to say but I'm glad you dropped bye .....

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Gday rj. Please, dont apologise about your page. You should see mine! Its still a mess, I only moved in recently. If I'm not there, just come in, pull up a chair and help yourself to the nibblies plate and grab a glass of bubbly. I shouldn't be too long.
10/Jun/07 5:26 PM
10/Jun/07 5:26 PM
You are welcome anytime. I will get around to dropping in on you soon - might pop over now with a chilled bottle of Bubbles.
30/Sep/07 3:58 PM
Less time at the small screen! Not likely now that you've been in the chatroom!
Great to 'meet' you. If you'd ever like to get together for a real chat rather than a virtual one, just holler over on my page or send me a personal note via the inbox facility.
Ciao for now.
30/Sep/07 5:48 PM
The meats defrosting, so I've done something!
to your son. here, I'll give you this , there you go Bean, now you don't have to make a cake!!!
30/Sep/07 6:04 PM
Hi Bean,
good chatting with you last night. I don't get there too often because I stay on there tooooooo long when I go.
I'm bringing you some Tx. products for your enjoyment; some Blue Bell Cookies and Cream Ice cream, some Tito's Vodka, handmade in TX. and some San Giovese wine from More...
01/Oct/07 9:32 AM
Goodness me, when did you sneak in the back door unannounced.
Belated to your own page and looking forward to seeing a few decorations around the place.
Here's a bottle of our local Wignall's Late Harvest to enjoy and share with your visitors.
Call in and visit me sometime More...
01/Oct/07 2:48 PM
Bean, Thank you so much for the birthday greeting. I really appreciate it. I would like to you to your own page. I am bringing you some fresh squeezed Florida orange juice as a welcome gift. Visit my page anytime and let me know when you need more.
03/Oct/07 10:51 AM
Hi Bean, thanks for dropping by my page. We are looking forward to the 'Brunch at Bronte' meeting. I'll be in touch afterwards.
04/Oct/07 2:19 PM
Hi Bean Jean! A belated welcome to your own Sudoku page! I'll leave you one of my traditional double chocolate fudge beavertail patries from Ottawa as a page warmimg gift. Hope you like sweets! Cheers!
08/Oct/07 2:08 AM
I hope that isn't Mean Bean Jean! Just stumbled upon your page. At least you have a son who is computer literate. Most of my work with computers were before PCs. Drop a box of cards -egads. Programing had gone at least beyond 10110011000111010100 (which was where my husband started with More...
08/Oct/07 9:30 AM
Hi Bean! Sorry I'm late in offering a I am leaving a pot of Maryland Cream of Crab soup for you and your guests. I live near the Chesapeake Bay on the East Coast of the U.S. Lots of blue crabs to be had here! The soup is one of my favorite recipes. Stop by my place anytime, door's always open!
10/Oct/07 12:42 AM
Hey, Bean - stumbling in to assure you see what you consider "over the hill"? I am also well over 40, and I am really enjoying life.
I AM looking forward to retiring from teaching school in a couple of years and being able to enjoy time with my wife.
Keep working on the technology. I am not too great at it, but it is fun to mess with it.
Welcome from Texas.
11/Oct/07 9:26 AM
Bean, This is most likely the most delayed welcome one can get. I'm so sorry that I failed to stumble onto your page before your nice visit. I do so much appreciate your visit and such lovely words too. Glad you have enjoyed my comments. I see that the comment that I disagreed with has been More...
12/Oct/07 12:07 PM
G'day Bean, It was a nice surprise seeing your message on My Page today (and seeing it again). I can imagine you pressed the SUBMIT button, nothing happened, so you pressed it again. Been there, too.
So you're an ex-pat Deni person are you? You would probably find that nothing much has changed More...
15/Oct/07 11:05 AM
Cheers Bean for Beth's birthday wishes, and, more importantly, the luck for Tuesday. Oh its booked, its been booked for as long as is legally possible!
If you don't mind, I would actually like to print out your comment and give it to her to have alongside her learner's permit so she can have a More...
20/Oct/07 5:22 PM
WOOHOO She got it!
Thanks heaps for all your cheers.
She dropped me off after the test and then WHOOSH, she was outta here!
23/Oct/07 5:09 PM
Bean, lunch on Sunday was just great, five other Sudukoists were there, the weather was extraordinary and the food was to die for (but not literally). I took a few photos but I'm not going to post them on a public site without the permission of the people I photographed. There is a group shot on More...
23/Oct/07 5:40 PM
Hello again Bean. Thanks for asking about Liz. All is going exactly as they said it would but of course she is impatient and wants it all to be perfect RIGHT NOW. So far she has only had one volume adjustment and is still finding it hard to get used to. It is slightly worrying though because when More...
05/Nov/07 7:25 PM
Bean - You were right about my address. Pretty good detective work. (We'll keep it between us though.)
05/Nov/07 7:30 PM

Eve From So. Oregon

Check out my page

There are deer around here all the time & wild turkeys. This buck was sitting there for over an hour - about 10 yards away was a doe also resting behind a bush. After I posted the photo, the doe got spooked and as saw her run More...
07/Nov/07 11:00 AM
Welcome - and, as your greetings present I am having a large bunch of English oak trees delivered by international Interflora to decorate your room, along with a chest of tree surgeon tools for their maintenance, and an insecticide spray to keep the green ants at bay.
12/Nov/07 12:09 PM

Your message infers that digging holes in your living room floor for the oaks is hard work. By now you should find a large industrial excavator outside your front door to help you. I sent it by special air courier. It thus has a huge carbon footprint, so, because of that and because it also has a dirty bottom, I didn't like to leave it on your lovely oriental living-room carpet.
14/Nov/07 1:05 AM
Bean; if, when young, you tried a damnbusting project with a tractor, I hate to think what you will do with your new acquisition of the industrial excavator. Perhaps you will be able to write a book called "Journey to the Centre of the Earth"
I initially posted this by mistake on my More...
14/Nov/07 1:50 PM
Hi Bean,
Thanks for dropping in, I have only just registered!
Scotch drinker myself (each to their own) but the rest sounds great!
What's the weather like down there haven't been(no pun intended) for years!
15/Nov/07 4:58 PM
Hi again Bean,
You tell me you are nearing the centre of the earth in your new excavator - must be a good Japanese one - anyway therefore here is a can of high temperature lubricant oil, and a tub of ice-cream; as it is very dry and very hot in down-under's down-under.
17/Nov/07 5:01 AM
Thanks for dropping by. What part of Melb are you from. I am near Frankston. My Jack Russell is nearly two now and she is still cute. But she can now jump my newly extended fence, so she is not to popular at the moment. She never tried until new people across the road moved in with their two cats.I think I will need to cover the front fence so she can't see out.
17/Nov/07 2:06 PM
Hello Bean. I'm so glad you visited my page and enjoyed the pictures. You asked about Pioneer -- it is in Amador County, California. We actually live east of Pioneer, up in the mountains going toward Lake Tahoe. Amador County extends from the foothills, where we produce some excellent wines all More...
19/Nov/07 3:21 AM
Please accept my most humble appologies for not dropping in sooner to welcome you to
I've been a tad busy these last couple of months and havn't had much time to play here on More...
19/Nov/07 11:46 AM
Thanks so much for dropping into my place. I can so relate to being caught up here in Sudokuland, it can be quiet time consuming, yet what better way to spend your day amongst Friends and lots of interesting conversations. You have thou got More...
20/Nov/07 4:11 PM
Gday Bean, just dropped in to ask if you are going to the Chrissy get-together on the 2nd at 'The Croc'?
23/Nov/07 10:43 AM
Sorry to hear you have been unwell these last couple of weeks. Hope its nuffin to serious, and will keep you in my thoughts for a speedy recovery.
As for chrissy lunch, I have made a tentative booking, but can add more, up to and More...
23/Nov/07 5:19 PM
Well, Angie has not only stolen my thunder, she used exactly the same words I was going to use!
Here's to you feeling a bit more chipper as soon as possible, shocking time of the year to get crook.
Hopefully you will feel up to coming on Sunday because I would love to meet you for real. We'll be gentle with you, I promise!
24/Nov/07 8:48 AM
Bean, glad to see you on SA! It's nice to chat with everyone! Hope to catch up with you there sometime. Take care!
25/Nov/07 1:43 AM
Hey, Bean - thanks for stopping by my page. No, the dog's not real, and to be honest, he's not ours. Nor is the Christmas tree! My hubby and I were walking the beach yesterday when we came upon a young couple setting the stage for their Christmas card photo. We took their pictures (the tripod More...
25/Nov/07 1:01 PM
HI BEAN, or would you rather be called RJ?

We barely missed each other on the SA3 page yesterday, but I read with interest your love of christmas and decorating. Yep, I hunt the after christmas sales for decorations, and always lovely to find new treasures the next year.

25/Nov/07 11:44 PM
Hello Bean - I thought I'd write on your page about my trip to Peru. I went in May/June last year and had a wonderful experience. The trek to Machu Picchu on the Inca Trail was for four days and was great. Some parts required some effort, especially the last day as we had to zigzag up a mountain More...
26/Nov/07 9:50 AM
Bean Said : Work, renovations and family issues have kept me from my quilts which I first started 15 years ago. I just hope I live long enough to complete them all

Yes, I totally understand that! I keep hearing my quilting buddies say, I cannot die yet, I still have fabric!

I am More...
28/Nov/07 11:37 PM
Hi Bean, just thought I would see how you are going, obviously not well recently? Hope you are improving. Have been on a weeks holiday, bit too much travelling but was good to catch up with everyone. Take care, Broni & Bella
01/Dec/07 3:54 PM
Dear Bean - Hi there!
The effect of your excavator is being felt, in the form of a very big (m7.5) earthquake near the Windward Islands this week. I thought it must be bean(')s. I seriously hope the inhabitants of the islands are unscathed. Maybe they are used to quakes there. Please take care how you drive that machine thing.
02/Dec/07 5:53 AM
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