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Hello Paul the GOM just welcoming you to your very own page! What does Gom mean?? Bringing gifts of wine and chocolates for you to enjoy x
Thanks, Andre. (Sorry I don't kow how to do the accute accent.)
Grumpy Old Man as in ...
I don't want your rotten chocolates; they're probably white! Wine is OK - white or red or any other colour.
Hey Paul, you grumpy old man! Welcome to your own page! I usually leave double chocolate fudge beavertail pastries from Ottawa as a page warmer, but given your comment above, just leaving 3 empty wine bottles (2 red, 1 white) and an airplane acquired shot of Crown Royal Canadian Whiskey. More...
Gee, Greg, I can hardly wait; I do like Canadian Whiskey. I bet you can't come up with anything as bad as I've tasted over many years of testing red wine.
Would you like some Ozzie Smart Pills to put in those pastries? They grow in sheep paddocks.
Okay you get the dark chocolate for now, so be good!!!
16/Mar/07 9:12 AM
Welcome Paul to your own page. You might be grumpy but can't you get the interior decorators in to liven up your room a bit. It's looking very plain and boring. Here, Grumps, I'll give you some , just don't forget to put them in a vase.
It's customary when you're a member More...
19/Mar/07 10:13 AM
I don't know if I like the sound of a 'dog food diet'. I think I'll stick to what I eat, rabbit food, although it's not doing me much good!!!
19/Mar/07 12:18 PM
Happy Easter Grumpy Old Man, to you and all your loved ones.
07/Apr/07 9:51 AM
Hello Paul,

Just dropping by to wish you and your family a Happy Easter
07/Apr/07 7:29 PM
Paul. What loved ones? I thought you had sheep! Cheers!
10/Apr/07 2:05 AM
My mum always said I'm so glad I didn't have children...
16/Apr/07 9:36 PM
Is all well with you Paul? Haven't seen you post for awhile. Just too grumpy or what? Take care ans stay smiling, opps, stay grumpy!
08/Jun/07 6:33 AM
Yoohoo! Anybody home?
Paul, pop into easy page sometime and say gday.
30/Sep/07 9:25 PM
Just dropping in to say I hope you and your family have a great Christmas and New Year.

Mickey and family.
15/Dec/07 7:34 AM
Have a wonderful Christmas Paul and the happiest of New Years xx
17/Dec/07 7:27 AM

Hey Grumpy. Do you still visit the site? Hope so, as I wanted to stop in and say that I hope you and all you care for enjoy happiness and peace during this festive season and in all days to come! Best wishes for a Merry Christmas!
19/Dec/07 8:32 AM
Wishing you and your family, health, peace, love, and happiness throughout the New Year! ! Stella
01/Jan/08 1:12 AM
Hello, Paul. Hope you've managed to get on site. Thanks for the message, I've sent a reply!
08/Jan/08 2:00 PM
Paul, whether you like it or not, have a very ! I have brought along a bottle of bubbly which might make you not such a GOM!
Have a great day...anyway.
12/Apr/08 12:06 AM
Well, Paul, or Grumpy old man, I suppose I'd better wish you a happy birthday but I don't suppose you'll bother reading it.
Anyway, a very happy birthday to you and have a lovely day!
12/Apr/08 12:08 AM
Paul, hope your day is filled with lots of fun!
12/Apr/08 12:13 AM
Dear Paul.
to PAUL .

All my best wishes to You.
12/Apr/08 12:16 AM
I've brought and for the celebration!
Enjoy your day!
12/Apr/08 1:34 AM
Happy birthday Paul don't worry you only have to celebrate for one day!!, Have a good one and enjoy the day x
12/Apr/08 1:42 AM
Hey Paul, enjoy your birthday and do whatever you damn well please to today. Cheers, and have a pint on me!
12/Apr/08 3:20 AM
to you GOM, I'll join you guys for a pint, mary
12/Apr/08 9:12 AM
I hear that it is your birthday, hope it is the best one ever...

Enjoy every minutes of it.
12/Apr/08 9:14 AM
Paul, Hope you have the best Birthday ever.
12/Apr/08 9:56 AM
... PAUL ...

12/Apr/08 10:01 AM
Hey there GOM - I'm glad you had a birthday today or I never would have known you existed! See there have been a couple 3 month gaps in comments on your page, but I'm the 12th person to pay a visit on your birthday!! Maybe you will surprise us with a comment on Easy someday. I'll be looking for More...
12/Apr/08 11:25 AM
Paul, hope you hold off being grumpy for today, hope you have a great year
12/Apr/08 11:25 AM

May your day be very special.
12/Apr/08 11:33 AM

to you
to you
dear Paul
to you

Hope you had a wonderful Birthday!

12/Apr/08 4:46 PM
Hello Paul - are we to understand that the MIL of the mother of the two youngsters was indeed your wife!!
16/Apr/08 9:53 PM
Wishing you a peaceful Christmas and New Year. I hope all is okay with you and your family. It seems an age since you posted. Take care. I will leave you some chocolate as a little present. Enjoy.
21/Dec/08 8:29 AM
I hope you are enjoying your special day, it is my son's birthday today (11th still) Happy More...
12/Apr/09 12:06 AM
Paul! Hope you have a wonderful birthday celebration!
12/Apr/09 12:14 AM
Paul! Hope you have a wonderful birthday!
12/Apr/09 12:20 AM
Dear Paul.
to Paul .

And ,
Wishing you a very,
12/Apr/09 2:16 AM
Many Happy Returns
Hope you are having a great Easter.
12/Apr/09 7:25 AM
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