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2 reasons why I am a onehaded typer today

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Hey I got two pages
The power of an 'r' can double your pleasure!!
Do you think I could do the same with a double é
Hey Mo - see gath does love you!
Love the photo.
So alcohol is back on the menu?? Dangerous!
So my typos weren't incorrect. You are GrannieMo! ROTFL!! I like the picture on GrannieMo's page though!
So who do you really want to be??
You could be GM, gannie - tho some might think you're a holden...
welcome to your new page!
Put a message on Page 6 of 02/02/07 re your double My Page. It doesn't make sense but the thought was there! BTW - Happy Anniversary
Happy Anniversary to Maureen and Steve! I have left wishes on both your pages!
I think this page needs its own Redwood Burl too, so, here you are. Now you've got to water two of them.
GrannieMo I have just visited your album and you have some fabulous photos. Some of the misty ones would make great jigsaw puzzles. Out of curiosity, what kind of camera is your new one? Apart from your obvious skill as a photographer, it seems to be able to take great photos under difficult conditions.
Hi GrannieMo. Until recently I was using a Canon IXUS v3. It was very useful for our travels. But at Christmas I bought myself a DMC FZ7 which I am still learning to use properly. It's not quite as 'pocket-handy' as the little Canon, but it has a huge telephoto (12X) and an image stabilization system which is invaluable. The photos are just starting to make their way onto my flickr page.
GrannieMo, I have just had a look at the FZ-20 and it looks like we have similar tastes in cameras.
Happy Anniversary ! As we say in Hebrew AD120 , which means , STAY HAPPY , HEALTHY and ALL THE BEST till the age of ....120
Oh dear anniversary celebration, plus England beating Scotland in the rugby - champagne followed by roast lamb, potatoes, parsnips, carrots, washed down with a good red, and only stepped 7161. Best get back on the straight and narrow tomorrow before monday weigh in.
GannieMo - LOVE the picture!!
Happy Anniversary to you both, wonderful that life has brought you both together xx
Excellent piccy, laughed out loud x
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, GrannieMo and Steve!
Sounds like you had a great celebration (I love roast lamb). May you have many more wonderful years together.

lol at your Tasmanian humor sign...
Happy 24th Anniversary GrannieMo and Steven. Hope you had a great celebration. Hope this is the beginning of a whole lot more. Mike and I will be celebrating our 24th this coming May 21st. 24 years ago was a very good year, but then so is this year...We're here to celebrate aren't we???
Sun 4 Feb:
Hello Mo - I'm just trying to catch up on some visits and I reckon I've walked about 20kms between visiting all the pages so far. If I keep this up I might fade away.
I didn't think I'd better bring you chocolate or wine so I just brought you some instead.
Weigh in, very disappointed
No loss, no gain. Everything the same.
Back to day 1 today after weekend of a little indulgence - champagne, red wine (but only a little)still no chocolate, sweets, sugar products. I did have a little cheese and 2 slices of ginger cake.
The main problem, I More...
Darn it Mo, I didn't see this sign when I parked. Forget the car, I had a case of wine in the trunk! Really like the pictures you've posted that are taken with your new camera. Enjoy Spain! Cheers!
Mo - you are doing great! Spain - just eat heaps of salads and walk EVERYWHERE!
I've indulged in a few ciggies and they have tastd revolting - that must be a good thing.
take care.
A momentary blip is often an enjoyable one and you have earned your 'blip', pleasures in small measures are great indeed, have a wonderful time in Spain, where are you going?
La comida, a reposar; y la cena a pasear.(but only if you feel like it )
Well it seems Steve and Sully feel the same way about a new wardrobe and you and I share hanging onto things that we feel we 'may' get into Once I reach my goal weight I intend to just buy a few outfits at first, since I will have to add the fall and winter bits too, and use whats More...
Well it seems Steve and Sully feel the same way about a new wardrobe and you and I share hanging onto things that we feel we 'may' get into Once I reach my goal weight I intend to just buy a few outfits at first, since I will have to add the fall and winter bits too, and use whats More...
Hi GrannieMo,

I give up, how the hell did I gain 5 lbs in 2 days? I was feeling so good, actually back on track and decided to weigh myself, what a mistake that was, took all the air out of my sails. I will cheer everyone on in their accomplishments, but obviously I will not be joining the land of the thin anytime soon.
I am definately getting myself a pedometer. I'm really quite shocked as I weighed myself this morning (it's been a week) and I have lost 1kg. I can't believe it and it hasn't been that hard, although I'm really not a fan of exercise and push myself to do it. I only hope that the needle on the scales continues to go to the left. I really am flabbergasted
I have weighed in a day early as we are off to sunny Spain in the next hour or so.
Not good news I'm afraid and just before a holiday plus 0.5kg There will be no scales in the camper so will have to rely on the waistbands of my trousers.
I will keep in touch whenever there is an internet café nearby.
GrannieMo - Have a wonderful trip!!
Loved the sign.
Hi Mo, and welcome home from Spain. Just went through your photos again, and glad I did, as you have some lovely pictures. Looking forward to seeing some of your shots from Spain.
G(R)ANNIEMO - glad you got back, sorry about the weather. Somebody mentioned your 'name' change - did Gath really do it, or did you?
Hi everyone and a special hello to Glenn what wonderful results.(and well done everyone else)
Well following my holiday in Spain I tried to step lightly on the scales - and it worked. Total weight gone in 9 weeks 7.4 kgs I actually lost in Spain (should that become the title of a song or More...
great effort especially to go on holidays and come back lighter.
Thanks for support. You are looking great.
I have now walked 528,362 steps so it will be near the end of April before I break the million barrier but I shall keep on counting.
I haven't gone totally back to original diet but am getting better at portion control, though the size of my wine glass stays the same. I am trying alcohol free Monday to Thursday and lots of water, of course.
back GannieMo, and congrats on a great job with the weight control while on holiday. Thanks for your visit to my new page, we must be very special in Gath's book to rate two pages don't you think? Love the spring flowers,it does my heart good to remember things like that. Its so very More...
hi GannieMo
I've been wondering what happened to you ever since you returned from australia after your holidays. i've gone back to work (i teach, and there just don't seem to be the hours in the day to squeeze in sudoku regularly. did you enjoy australia? thanks for the lovely spring picture. More...
Thanks for the positive comment about my avatar. It took me forever to find and I'm very happy with it!
Nice to see that Spring has sprung there Mo. Nice photos. All well with you and Steve?
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