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Welcome to sudokuland where the people are friendly and conversation good but most of all enjoy and drop in some time if you feel like having a chat, cheers.
11/Nov/08 9:40 AM
the weather is turning cold here near Chicago but the sun was out and we enjoyed a day downtown - going to the Zoo to shoot some pictures and enjoyed the lake view. Enjoy your time on the site, More...
11/Nov/08 11:41 AM
(Hopefully angel!)
to the wide wonderful world of Sudokuland!
And I am almost sure I must have been to Somewhere before! Is that right next door to "Somewhere in Time"?
12/Nov/08 2:18 AM
Welcome to the site. Think your avatar is so fitting! Check out my photo gallery for lots of pics of various places in the USA, one just might be 'somewhere' you recognize.
12/Nov/08 2:14 PM
to DevilOrAngel.

Great to have you here with us.
12/Nov/08 3:43 PM
Hi Devil or Angel - Welcome to Sudokuland and so nice to see you posting and with an appropriate avatar!!
12/Nov/08 9:13 PM
Well, a belated welcome to the site Devil/Angel! I'm sure you are probably a little bit of both at times! Enjoy my traditional page warming gift, a double chocolate fudge beavertail pastry from "somewhere in Canada." Cheers, and nice to see you posting!
16/Nov/08 4:39 AM
Nice to see you commenting. Love that the name and avatar match each other.
08/Dec/08 6:11 AM

Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas

and More...
25/Dec/09 11:17 PM
DorA, I hope all is right now. It is frustrating wondering what you can and cannot say, without offending someone.
Just so you know, I read jokes as jokes and take them as jokes. As I do the weather reports, grannie reports, mommy reports, doctor reports, sports reports...hopefully you get the More...
29/Mar/11 4:03 PM
Thank you DoA, for the Birthday wishes, and the Beatles Utube, I enjoyed listening :)
17/May/11 5:31 PM
I went thinking a different route...figured it was just a way for the Dems to pay back their union cronies..."let's make farmers have to hire our thugster friends!"
30/Jul/11 3:32 AM
Enjoy the day.
25/Dec/11 9:22 PM
Thanks, Mr Cee, for the Christmas wishes. It was a most enjoyable get together this year. Wishing You & yours a
31/Dec/11 5:42 AM
Thanks, DOA - he was ready to get out of the swim trunks he had been wearing!
12/Jan/12 2:09 PM
Well, not everyone gets to celebrate their birthday with the Fab Four!
Thanks, DOrA!
02/Mar/12 10:30 AM
Hey, DOA, that gives a whole new meaning to ''when pigs fly''...
04/Dec/12 4:33 AM
Merry Christmas
25/Dec/12 10:43 PM
I don’t know what Australian news story you are referring to, DoA, but would you please explain to me how socialized medicine would NOT have helped in the following two cases:

(1) Jaime had cancer when he was in his early 30s. Consequently, he was unable to get health insurance from the More...
04/Feb/13 4:07 AM
DOA, are you sure that was an Aussie? Sure sounds like TM! LOL
27/Feb/13 12:52 PM
DOA - thanks for your suggestion on 'easy' the other day. I can change the size of the puzzle but when it's larger, I lose the dividing bold lines so I just make it smaller when I do the puzzle.
04/May/13 6:29 PM
Hello DOA - thanks for visiting my Gallery to see my latest photos.
Yes, a Yurt and a Ger are one and the same thing, as far as I know.
Hope you're keeping well.
17/Aug/13 4:43 PM
I like to be unpredictable, DorA.
02/Sep/13 2:01 PM

Thanks for your nice comment about my home page. On our holiday we took a mountain of photos so I tried to only show the best ones on my page. I think I succeeded.

Your photos seem to have a political theme. I must admit that I am less than impressed with Obama too. More...
05/Dec/13 2:27 PM
Thank you for your birthday message. Wish I hadn't seen your Xmas count down ,I haven't finished my shopping.
11/Dec/13 6:07 AM
Who is Tom Mabe & what does he have to do with saving puppies?
13/Dec/13 12:59 PM
Kathy, this is all I could find quick & easy:

Clean Southern Comedy Teams Up to “Save a Puppy”
This April, The Humane Society in Louisville, KY will be selling Clean Southern Comedy tickets to support their 'no kill' shelters.
13/Dec/13 2:04 PM
The ''orange side'' says, 'Glad to be of help, Amelia.
13/Dec/13 2:12 PM
For Christmas, be an angel. Merry Christmas to you and all those you care for, and have a peaceful and prosperous 2014!
22/Dec/13 7:50 AM

Wishing you a wonderful day with family and friends
23/Dec/13 5:51 AM
Thanks for the welcome.
18/Feb/14 3:12 AM
for the wishes! So glad you are back with us ...
18/Feb/14 4:13 PM
Thank you DoA. I am coping with mind numbing chores that need to be done day to day. But a friend like you keeps me in touch with life, keeps me human, and I am grateful for that. You stir things up and that has kept me bouncing. Thank you.
07/Jul/14 2:08 AM
24/Dec/14 3:52 PM
DoA I loved today's offering..

So where do you think is the ideal place to retire??

Ha ha.. think I'd best stay put downunder...
18/Aug/15 12:53 PM
Thanks for the birthday wishes DoA, unfortunately I'm about to head off for work but I guess beggars can't be choosers!
05/Jan/16 7:57 AM
so much for the multiple wishes, DorA! It is a pleasure to call you friend. Judy
18/Feb/16 3:02 AM
Hello DoA - thank you for checking out my latest photos and your comments.
15/Aug/16 1:18 PM
Congratulations. You now have Trump. He sold out to your best new friends, the Ruskies.
28/Nov/16 11:13 AM
Hi Devil. Or Angel. Thanks for the message. I too am from north of Vancouver USA, namely, from the 'other' Vancouver. Hope you are well...
11/Dec/16 12:07 AM
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