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Back at Christmas time I posted the news that grandson Chase was going to become a big brother in July.  I am happy to announce that his baby sister Maddox Ann Martin was born at 6:09 P.M. on July 27, 2015.  She weighed 9 pounds and measured 21 1/4 inches long.  We are thrilled to have a third granddaughter (the others are 19 and 16!) and six grandsons and feel very blessed.
born on July 27, 2015

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Hello Kathy
saw your lights on and thought I would call in and say hello. here is some flowers to make your room pretty and a for afternoon tea.
oops think I missed the flowers ...
Kathy, popping in to say hello isn't this fun. I see rose has made your room pretty so I will add some more flowers
Hi Kathy. Finally got to check out your photos on Flickr this morning - your family is beautiful!!! Of course, I expected nothing less.
A quick good morning Kathy. Have you booked the decorators yet because I think they've got a busy time ahead of them. Good luck and enjoy your own place.
Came to check out your page Kathy ... will come and look again when you decorate it!!
Hey Kathy, The pages seem like so much fun right now, hope you too will enjoy them. Thanks for sending the pics back and responding so quickly. I know you are busy. I'll be checking with Mike to see when he's going away. He's trying to make it a suprise trip. If it works out, I'll see you then.
Congrat's on the beginnings of your PAGE:)

This is fun...Thank you for a look!
Hello from the other side of the country, to the other third of the founding members of the SA. Here are some smoked salmon and crackers from my corner of the world..
Kathy, noticed you'd been to my place, thought I'd stop by here. Resting my tootsies for a while before I move on.
Hi, Kathy. Thanks for calling by. Do I remember rightly - that your birthday is coming up on December 4th? If so, then we share a birthday - but I'm not divulging which one this is, only that it doesn't have a 0 in it - I passed that one a few years back.
Hi Kathy! Mind a Canadian visitor? Trying to escape the cold weather that is finally moving into Ottawa. I've left an Ottawa Beavertail pastry for (chocolate fudge). Hope it doesn't melt in the heat.
Hey Kathy, what a lovely place you have here. I’ve been visiting quite a few of our international friends and have enjoyed everyone’s hospitality. Since I’ve come all the way from down under, I’ve brought a few Australian goodies for you to try.
There is Vegemite for breaky. A good old More...
Kathy - if your birthday IS Dec 4th - you share it with my grandmother. She will be 94 years young this birthday - and still living independently and still as witty and cheeky as ever. When asked what she would like to do for her birthday this year - her answer - 'Oh let's just go to a pub for a couple of drinks or something' .......... I really DONT know where I get it from
Its me again Kathy, thanks for popping by my place.
I have used this receipe a couple of times and found it not to bad at all. Very simple and hasn't failed me yet.

You need:
3 egg whites
1.5 cups castor sugar
1 teaspoon corn flour
4 tablespoons boiling More...
ha Kathy..thats nice lil place you have out there..i like sunny joints..
well when you are away i have taken liberty to decorate your door step with a typical southindian rangoli..yes patterns made from rice powder and i have colored it too ..its a design of lotus in full bloom!!with a yellow flower in the middle..
Hello Kathy. Glad I caught you at home. Lovely place you have here. Still a bit new, but one can only do so much with one day! Thank you for your kind words about my friends. Rumour has it that Guy has come home to continue his treatment, but no-one knows exactly. Hope, for the children's sake, that it won't be too long before he is back to normal. See you later.
Kathy, your place has come to life! 'making my rounds early this morning, and see that you are unpacked and decorating for the holidays. Today will be a busy one, so let me leave this case of champagne, gourmet cheese and chocolate for all to enjoy when the crowd picks up. Cheers!
KATHY - just on a quick tour of a few pages - I haven't forgotten you - thanks for the thoughts!
Hope it is nicer in Florida than it is in Texas right now.
Kathy, I've only just a few moments ago been uploading some of my photos onto Picasa with some help over skype from a friend. It will take some time to get a lot on there, but I will try to do a few every day. I might put a photo on my page, not too sure yet.
Thanks for dropping in to visit.
OH Kathy, I'm so ready for Florida...as soon as they mention snow. I still haven't had a chance to find out anything useful to me yet, but since we still have plenty of time, I'll get it done. You have been plenty busy, and I still think that you and Rob were just so great to help me out while you More...
I think you, too, need a redwood burl on your kitchen windowsill, starting it's amazing journey to become a majestic tree.
Hi Kathy,

I guess as we gear up for the wet season - you are heading into the dry.

Happy birthday for Monday.

KATHY - great picture - even if it wasn't in Florida.
It doesn't look quite that warm in Texas right now.
Kathy, You have been busy girl...what a wonderful picture...looking goooood!
Looks like a great spot, Kathy. A good place to relax with a cold drink and a good book!
howdy, looks like a nice place for the warmer times of the year,
Nice photo, Kathy.
Just went to my page. Thanks for the lovely orange juice. No, I don't think there's a difference between oatmeal and porridge - although there is such a thing as rice porridge, eaten in some asian countries but it's savoury not sweet. My son thinks I'm strange because I have salt in my porridge - as well as milk and sugar added after cooking.
Hello Kathy and Rob! - Saw you earlier on Flickr. Beautiful photo. Love your place!
Kathy wonderful photographs, memories to treasure x
Hi again Kathy, and nice to meet you Rob! I like your renovations. Well done!
Hi Everybody! Thanks for all the nice comments. I would love it if someday we could all have a REAL beach party together. Wouldn't that be fun! I didn't realize that putting ONE picture from Flickr on this Sudoku site would lead you to ALL our previously posted photos on Flickr! Hope no one More...
Hey Kathy, You and Rob have nothing to apologize to me about!!! I didn't even know where to start, and Rob put me on the right track. I just had to play around to get the right train....I think I was so befuddled that I tried poor Rob's nerves. Just because you say you are slow, doesn't mean you More...
Hi Kathy - love the photo!
Kathy, what a wonderful memory you have!!! Yes, it is tomorrow, here anyway, the 4th. Thank you so much for your kind wishes and the bubbley which will be enjoyed! Actually, we have started celebrating already by going to a Carole King concert, which was marvellous!!
Hi Kathy....What a great photo!!! You two make a lovely couple This is just a quick visit but will stop by again soon.
OH MY Kathy,thank you so much for shareing the photos of your trips and family,all are beautiful and breath taking .
I'm rethinking my not wanting to travel!
Happy Birthday Kathy!
Happy Birthday Kathy, have a wonderful day x
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