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Happy Halloween!

The kids went Trick or Treating with our friends and neighbors.  Angela is in orange as Trixie the Halloween Fairy, Clare is in pink (of course) as Sophie the Sparkle Fairy, Nick is Peter Pan and Micheal is the Giraffe.  Our neighbor Professor McGonagal brought her Hermione, Ron and Harry.

Trick or Treat

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Hi, Jill! to your very own new page! This is really going to be fun. (Do you think Gath had any idea what he was starting?) Anyway, here are some tulips and a big box of Frango Mints for you to enjoy as you get settled.
03/May/07 7:13 AM
Jill - so the smiling kitty cat is your daughter. Wow! What a cutie, and as she gets older - a beauty! We just had her a day or so ago, and I wondered who she belonged to. You must be very proud!
05/May/07 1:12 PM
OK - I need to read the whole thing. I've seen all 3 of your darlings - and they certainly ARE! I'm glad to finally know who they are - and who their mom is!
05/May/07 1:13 PM
Welcome to sudokuland and your own page.
I have left a bouquet of Iris on the table.
This is for Clare

Drop by my page anytime.
05/May/07 3:19 PM
Hi Jill, and welcome to your own page! Dropping off a double chocolate fudge beavertail pastry from Ottawa for you to enjoy (hide it from the kids) as a page warming gift. Also leaving a little maple syrup fudge for the children (I've seen their pictures many times)! Enjoy!
06/May/07 4:10 AM
For a page warming gift I'm leaving a big pot of our famous Maryland Cream of Crab soup for you and your guests to enjoy. I'm grabbing one of Julie's Frango Mints on the way out...
06/May/07 4:13 AM
Hello Jill just popped into say thanks for the strawberries they sound absolutely delicious, leaving you some home made sambuca truffles in return xx Enjoy your page xx
08/May/07 11:22 AM
Hello Jill - it appears that I've never visited your page before so here is a belated to your own page and some for you to help decorate your place until you have time to do it.
Also a bottle of our local Wignall's Late Harvest for you to enjoy.
You have got lovely looking children on the kid's pages.
20/Jul/07 9:35 AM
Hi Jill. I'm still waiting for you to post some updated pictures on your page of Angela, Clare and Nicholas. How goes the ''stay at home mother routine''? You are teaching at home rather then at school. My best to you and yours!
21/Jul/07 5:40 AM
Hi Jill, Sorry its taken me this long to say hello and to the site. I thank you for visiting and happy my waterfall picture has inspired you. I find the folks here so friendly and helpful and know you will also. If I can help in any way...please let me know. I'm leaving you a basket of More...
21/Jul/07 6:37 AM
Whew. First Picture is posted (after learning how to use flickr). I have more pics at Flickr. But I don't know how to tell you to find them
21/Jul/07 7:18 AM
Harry Potter was all the rage in Naperville - with parties and a discussion on the book alreadh on Sunday afternoon. I havn't read the books - just to the movies for me. I hope you enjoyed - have a great summer with your children, Mary
24/Jul/07 5:07 AM
Hi Jill. Thanks for stopping by! I'm a teacher, too, although I never had my own classroom. I was a fantastic (to hear others tell it)substitute teacher here in N Ridgeville for 9 years and then I quit that 11 years ago. Now I volunteer at a hospital and through church but I don't get paid for More...
24/Jul/07 11:44 AM
Jill - To add more photos to your page, go to 'Your Page', Click on 'Update Details', then click on 'Upload photos' and follow the directions. Make sure the photos are sized properly, or they'll be huge! I just redid my photos to make them smaller.
27/Jul/07 3:34 AM
Hi everybody,
I have been working on sprucing things up. I decide to add a little sound. I had to pick Cruel Summer. Jack (hubby) was due in today from Seattle. Now it is postponned until tomorrow, which happens to be our anniversary. (yes, I know Jack and Jill) To make matters worse, he'll More...
28/Jul/07 3:35 AM
Gday Jill, thank you for dropping in. Sorry I wasn't there to greet you. What a shame you will not be spending your anniversary eve with hubby but I'm sure tomorrow will be very special for you both. So, am I seeing right, 4 kids. Well snap, so have I, 1 son and three daughters. Your gift couldn't More...
28/Jul/07 3:43 PM
Jill - thanks for the info on my page! Women are tough - extended trips by husbands leaving small kids behind is rough on all. When our now-22-year old was six months old (and with 5 & 7 year-old sister & brother), I spent seven months working 100 miles away from home. My wife taught More...
29/Jul/07 3:23 PM
Hi Jill! I just thought I would stop by and visit. Your children are beautiful! It must have been hard by yourself! I hope all is back to normal. Here are some flowers to brighten your day. Have a great day! Visit my page anytime! Take care.
06/Aug/07 11:58 PM
Clare, .
Hope you get lots of .
You share your birthday with my husband, but he's a lot older than you!
14/Aug/07 12:24 AM
Jill, sorry I haven't found my way to your page before this. Glad your husband is back home now. I was on my own with three kids many times during my husband's 23 year career in the Navy so I know what it's like for you! Do you have 3 or 4 children? You were very quick to get Clare's birthday More...
14/Aug/07 5:48 AM

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Clare
to More...
14/Aug/07 1:36 PM
Thanks for your wishes for Scott. Surprised you had time considering it was Clare's birthday too. Hope she had a lovely day. My hubby certainly did, we had a very relaxing day of retail therapy and lunching. Tres ples.
15/Aug/07 9:27 PM
Jill, Angela looks so cute in her uniform! It brings back memories of my kids at that age. She must have had a wonderful 1st day of school! They grow up so fast!
25/Aug/07 3:05 AM
I'm back again, Jill, to see Angela's first day of school picture. Too bad when I clicked to enlarge it all I could see was the edge of the right side of the picture, not the whole thing. Seems like lots of people are having trouble with sizing on the Photo Gallery. Flickr seems better & More...
25/Aug/07 6:56 AM
Hey Jill, what a little cutie They always look so sweet in their uniforms
25/Aug/07 8:42 AM
Hi Jill. I like what you've done with your photos, and I wonder if you. like me, are a musical theatre freak after watching your Cats video. Next strp on your page, a picture of you and your hubby. Cheers!
26/Aug/07 7:15 AM
Hi Jill, It's been a while since I have been to visit. See you have been decorating your page. Lovely pictures of your children. Come visit when you have the time. Oh, here is a plate of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies to munch.
11/Sep/07 3:16 AM
Jill, a very to you. I've brought you a bottle of bubbly, a Choc Mud and a bunch of daffodils from my garden to help you celebrate.
Hope this note finds you and yours well.
14/Sep/07 4:13 PM
Jill~I hope you have a wonderful day!
14/Sep/07 5:59 PM
.. JILL .. ..
14/Sep/07 7:01 PM
Hello Jill - to your own page here in Sudokuland. I just realized that I have never visited you. I am sorry. I have brought you a birthday cake to share with your guests today. It is half chocolate and half strawberry. I hope you enjoy it.

to you. I hope it is a great one.

You have beautiful children.
14/Sep/07 10:34 PM

TO you JILL.
all my best wishes to You.
14/Sep/07 11:32 PM
A very Happy Birthday, Jill. May you have a wonderful day.
15/Sep/07 12:46 AM
Hi Jill. My best wishes to you on your birthday. Enjoy your special day!
15/Sep/07 12:46 AM

Jill, have a wonderful day.
15/Sep/07 1:35 AM


I just discovered I have not visited your page before either. You must have slipped quitely into More...
15/Sep/07 2:24 AM
to you
to you
dear Jill
to you

Wishing you all the best on your Birthday!

Enjoyed your video - are you going to dress the kids up as cats for Halloween?
15/Sep/07 7:54 AM
and Jill, It's going to be a cool weekend here - but lots of things going on in downtown Naperville. We have the wine outing at the Naper settlement and the fine arts faire along the Riverwalk - Lisle has it's depot days (trains) going also. Something for everyone - enjoy your day Jill,
15/Sep/07 8:40 AM
Jill, have a wonderful day.
15/Sep/07 9:22 AM
And a happy birthday from me, too.
15/Sep/07 9:32 AM
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