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Dear Jerbar.
You are,


To join our wondeful world with the very best friends of the One big family.
11/May/09 4:27 PM
Hello jerbar, what part of Ireland are you from? You live in a wonderful country. I hope you enjoy the pages and welcome.
11/May/09 11:51 PM
I hope you really enjoy every visit to this site.
12/May/09 7:26 AM
cool day here near Chicago, rode my bike to my fitness center and lost my lock along the way. Have lunch at "Rock Bottom" and enjoyed an Ale and Chicken wrap sandwich - my son, who ate my More...
12/May/09 8:36 AM
Welcome to Sudokuland Jerbar.
12/May/09 11:49 AM
, to jerbar.

I look forward to meeting you around the pages.
12/May/09 3:40 PM
jerbar! Hope you have a wonderful birthday!
11/Sep/09 12:26 AM
A from SE Michigan, US, jerbar!
Hope your special day is filled with delicious surprises!
11/Sep/09 12:33 AM
Hello jerbar - Welcome to Sudokuland!

to you also! I hope you have a wonderful day!
11/Sep/09 12:34 AM
11/Sep/09 1:33 AM
Dear Jerbar.

o Jerbar .

Wishing you a very happy and special Birthday.
11/Sep/09 2:42 AM
Well, both a belated welcome to the site and a happy birthday wish Jerbar! I hope you have a wonderful birthday filled with family, friends and fun! Cheers!
11/Sep/09 3:37 AM
Jerbar, enjoy you first sudoku birthday.
11/Sep/09 5:49 AM
Happy birthday Jerbar, I hope you enjoy the day celebrating. Cheers.
11/Sep/09 5:50 AM
enjoy your special day, a nice late summer day here - planning a road trip this weekend and hoping to get some early fall colors in - enjoy your day, Mary
11/Sep/09 6:09 AM
Jerbar, hope your day is filled with family, friends and laughter.
11/Sep/09 9:53 AM
Haven't dropped by your page before.
You are lucky to share your birthday with two Grand Dames of our sudoku world... you couldn't find better people to share your birthday with.
Hope you have a wonderful day.
11/Sep/09 10:41 AM

and a for you
11/Sep/09 3:43 PM
Jerbar, have a wonderful day
11/Sep/09 8:03 PM
Happy Birthday Jerbar, hope your day is wonderful
11/Sep/09 10:13 PM
Jerber! Hope you have a wonderful day!
11/Sep/09 11:03 PM
Jerbar! Hope you have a wonderful day of celebration. Cheers!
11/Sep/10 1:38 AM
Enjoy your special day.
11/Sep/10 6:53 AM
Jerbar, have a wonderful day.
11/Sep/10 7:06 AM
dropping in to wish you a very Merry I hope you enjoy your special day - take care - Mary
11/Sep/10 11:02 AM
Enjoy your day.
11/Sep/11 12:57 AM
11/Sep/11 1:24 AM
Have a great birthday Jerber! I hope your day is special, filled with family and friends to help you celebrate! Cheers!
11/Sep/11 4:48 AM
Many happy returns for today Jerber. Hope this year is filled with joy.
11/Sep/11 8:57 AM
to you,
to you,
dear Jerbar!!!
to you!
May your day be special with a and lots of
11/Sep/11 9:42 AM
Jerbar, have a great day.
11/Sep/11 10:37 PM
A very happy birthday to you Jerbar, hope you day results in many wonderful memories for you, enjoy!
11/Sep/12 1:22 AM
Jerber, Breith lá Sona Duit!
11/Sep/12 3:29 AM

Hope you have a great day!
11/Sep/12 2:21 PM
Jerbar Enjoy your day
11/Sep/12 7:30 PM
Jerbar, enjoy your special day.
11/Sep/12 7:35 PM
Jerbar, a very happy birthday to you and I hope that it is just the beginnning of a fantastice new year for you!
11/Sep/13 1:36 AM
to you!
to you!
dear Jerbar!!!
to you!
May your special day have a and lots of
11/Sep/13 3:05 AM
jerbar have a great day!

11/Sep/13 1:21 PM
11/Sep/13 6:34 PM
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