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Made it before last light 

Back to the grind stone!

"All this science I don't understand, it's just my job 5 days a week"

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Hi vdV, I have a vague memory of giving my email address to Rola some time ago and I have asked her to give it to you. Lets see if we can open up communications away from these (very public) pages.
17/Jul/07 11:19 PM
Hi Cous. have forwarded your email address onto Ian..
17/Jul/07 11:31 PM
Enjoyed the youtube of Elton singing. great !!
17/Jul/07 11:32 PM
Just hopping around tonight instead of finishing up the puzzles - visiting sites and looking for BBQ - Your treat (pancakes) looks interesting - I have to do a google on them also. I'm in the Midwest - near Chicago - live in a big town with little town More...
21/Jul/07 12:04 PM
Just dropping in to say it was great to catch up in chat the other day.
Have you fixed your stutter?
Have you fixed your stutter?
22/Jul/07 12:55 AM
Hi VDV and thank you I have found your recipe for Poffertjes so Yummy, I have the poffertjes pan, and my dear Mum used to look after making the mixture, She passed away over 12 months ago and we've been looking for a good recipe for ages, we got so desperate we started to buy the mixture from a More...
28/Jul/07 3:05 PM
vDv, I didn't pick it - in the photos of the Jabiru that I have seen the aircraft had spats. Nice photo.
07/Aug/07 7:23 PM
Hey vdV. thanks for popping in.. it has been a while since we had a chat.. been busy busy busy.. next week is #1 son's 21st, we are having a big party for him.
I thought it was your Jabiru on the puzzels the other day.. speaking of which, Gail said I could borrow her Esky for the party, and I More...
10/Aug/07 12:57 PM
oh Cous, forgot to ask.
How is the 'Fishbowl'... are you getting used to it??
10/Aug/07 12:58 PM

Thanks for dropping in, been really busy around here lately, just never enough time in the day, and this year has certainly flown by. Yep I did see your pic on tough the other night, very More...
10/Aug/07 8:51 PM
Thank you for the Birthday Wishes last week. I had dinner with Mom that evening. She then flew up to Portland, OR for a Class Reunion (68th) and flew back for the wedding on Saturday of her only grand-nephew (my cousin’s son – 41, first marriage). Mom (85) refused to take a nap after getting up at More...
24/Aug/07 7:58 PM
Gday vdV, just thought I'd pop in to say a quick hello. Hope this finds you and your family well. Loved your post today. I'm thinking of printing and laminating it to put up on the fridge. Then I can just point to it and never have to repeat myself again!
04/Sep/07 10:03 PM
Enjoy your holiday !!
13/Sep/07 6:37 PM
Hi, vdV! Haven't seen you for a while on SA3, but read your post about your Blue Wren photo on Kids Easy. So, I had to go take a look. What a great photo of a good-looking bird! I don't think we have blue wrens in the US - wrens, but not BLUE wrens. Thanks for sharing!
Thought I'd leave some end-of-summer flowers and some fresh (still warm) cinnamon rolls. Enjoy!
14/Sep/07 9:46 AM
Hi vdV. Nice to meet you! Sorry I wasn't here to answer your question on Saturday re the jigsaw picture. But you answered it yourself anyway! We were flying back from Tasmania & that's Lakes Entrance & 90 mile beach. Do you still live around there & if so were you affected by the June floods?
17/Sep/07 7:09 AM
Hi vdV! I've never visited your place before, but loved all your funny posts yesterday & had to come tell you thanks for the chuckles. I guess you are a pilot? I read the comments from your other visitors to try to learn more about you. I guess you are a pilot?? Anyway, nice to meet you. Please stop for a visit at my place sometime.
25/Sep/07 11:46 AM
Thanks vdV for answering my question. See you again!
25/Sep/07 10:55 PM
Hi, vdV! I haven't "seen" you in a while. I hope you don't mind. I took the liberty to post your "Moose Juice" recipe on the recipe page. If you prefer that it not be there, I'm sure that Gath would remove it, if you ask. It just sounded yummy, and I figured that when Rolanda "cleans house" when she gets back, it might be deleted.
03/Oct/07 3:19 PM
to you
to you
dear Steve
to you
Steve, have a great day with your family and friends.
09/Oct/07 12:16 AM

Have a fantastic day, Steve, relax and just chill out.

09/Oct/07 12:34 AM

and for you, too, a chocolate cake flavored with cinnamon - a family favorite - to share with your friends!
09/Oct/07 12:46 AM
Best wishes to you on your special day vdV. I hope you share fun and happiness with your family and friends! Happy birthday, and cheers!
09/Oct/07 1:45 AM
vdV, have a great day.
09/Oct/07 3:43 AM
vdV! Have a great day off from work and happy flying! Wishing you clear skies and a good tail wind!
09/Oct/07 5:15 AM
to you
to you
dear vdV
to you

Enjoy a bottle of Oregon Pinot Noir along with this special Strawberry Pie (I used chocolate Cream Cheese). I figure if chocolate covered strawberries go well with Pinot Noir - well - you let me know.
09/Oct/07 5:18 AM
and vdV, There's alot of Birthday cake on the table today I hope you are enjoying your day. It's been quite warm this past weekend - we are in the start of fall - the leaves havn't really changed over yet - but are starting. Oktoberfest was held this More...
09/Oct/07 5:26 AM
Hey vdV, Hope you don't come down from the clouds til tomorrow
09/Oct/07 7:09 AM
Hello vdV - to you! I hope your day is a great one!
09/Oct/07 7:11 AM
For your birthday I am leaving you chocolate fudge and anzac biscuits without the coconut....
09/Oct/07 7:25 AM
Gday vdV, a very to you. Enjoy your birthday treat of a day off. The weather looks ok so far. Have a great day.
09/Oct/07 8:01 AM
Enjoy your day off from the Fishbowl..

.. Cous .. ..

09/Oct/07 9:54 AM
to you
to you
dear friend
to youuuuuuuuu

09/Oct/07 12:16 PM
vdV, Hope you are having a great day and that you had a safe landing Many happy returns.
09/Oct/07 1:44 PM
Steve, to you. Glad to hear that you could escape and do something fun on your day.
09/Oct/07 2:42 PM
Hey vdV - Happy Birthday you old fart!

oops - no you're not - cos hmmmm that would make me one too wouldnt it?

Enjoy your slow gradual trip towards the next big one. 9 years time - we'll have a big party together hey?
09/Oct/07 2:46 PM
Have a great day
09/Oct/07 3:16 PM
Many Happy Returns vdV, hope you took the day off work to celebrate your special day (and tomorrow in case you don't feel up to it after the celebrations)!! All the very best
09/Oct/07 6:44 PM
Happy Birthday oh great Libran what a wonderful day to celebrate, how much chocolate do you want sending over?? Hope you have a perfect day
09/Oct/07 7:50 PM
Oh vdV, I missed your birthday yesterday. So Sorry. May I wish you very Happy belated Birthday!
10/Oct/07 3:40 PM
Hi Steve. I'm sorry I missed your birthday yesturday, but I'm here to wish you a belated happy birthday. I hope you had a wonderful day, filled with all the good things in life.
10/Oct/07 7:08 PM
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